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A strong tourer with a feel for the terrain.

The perfect touring Fully with a great range of options.

With our SL AMR we’ve rolled out an extremely sporty all-rounder that climbs nimbly and cuts a fine figure on the trails. Its confident mastery of the terrain is down to its balanced geometry, the 130 mm at the front and at the rear and the high-quality equipment throughout. And it is up to you to select the equipment that suits your style: Unser Top-Carbon-Model beispielsweise mit SRAMs nagelneuer 1x12 Eagle Gruppe für maximale Bandbreite. Außerdem sticht unser Tourenexperte mit seinem markant kantigen Rahmendesign ins Auge - inklusive bestechend leichtem und steifem Hinterbau mit innen verlegter Kabelführung.

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