Safe, reliable - and serious fun!

More than just the first bike: the first step into a world of adventure.

Cycling is not only one of the greatest things in the world, it also means freedom - especially for children. No one forgets those childhood memories of simply being able to cycle off, head off to your neighbour’s house and set off on adventures?! Children deserve a safe, reliable bike, to really have fun and to learn quickly. Our PowerKids are just that: Treue Gefährten, mit denen sich die Welt perfekt entdecken lässt. Unsere Kids-Serie umfasst für alle Körpergrößen (und Farbvorlieben) das richtige Modell: von unsere 24-Zoll Bikes mit Shimano-Parts, Federgabel und 160 mm Scheibenbremsen bis hin zu unseren Minis, den süßen 12-Zoll Powerkids, für die ersten Tretversuche und den Powerkiddy-Laufrädern.

safety grips and narrow handlebar
from fork to saddle: designed for kids