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The reliable partner for the back country.

Adventure meets peace of mind: Relaxed riding guaranteed.

Our ROKET bikes are special Hardtails that offer carefree simplicity without skimping on sensations and safety on the trail. They come with respectable travel (130 mm) and Plus tyres. This helps them cut through rough terrain comfortably, effectively and reliably. And depending on your preference and use, you can customise your ROKET with the following equipment: from the 2x11 SLX up to the 1x11 XT complete with telescopic support in our Rocket 8. Then there is our special bike, the ROKET X: a back country bike for the back of beyond. Designed to be low-maintenance, it comes, among others, with the lightweight, absolutely carefree 12-speed transmission Pinion P1.12. Also in the X-package: Telescopic support, a special hub dynamo and a USB charging option on the cockpit!

carefully selected components
27.5"+ / Boost/ 29" Ready
Ready for internally routed dropper seatposts