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Master of Extremes: the H AMR X with Pinion transmission.

Made for the toughest demands: our Backcountry bike.

Our H AMR is a special bike with a big fat advantage: It rolls on 27.5-inch tyres in the Plus format, thus offering significantly more control, traction and comfort. Our back country buddy tames rugged terrain, wild roots and coarse boulders. But that’s only part of it: If you change to a 29-inch wheelset, the H AMR turns into a fast AllMountain bike. Even more extraordinary is our H AMR X: An adventure bike for longer tours to very remote areas. The equipment is tough to match, including the extremely low-maintenance pinion gear circuit. Not the mention the tens of features such as the USB charging port on the stem or the specially designed hub dynamo.

USB charging port
Bag System incuded*

Gearbox in the bottom bracket (Pinion)

Best sealed switching artists from Germany.

With the highly innovative Pinion gear-switching, we have installed an unrivalled gearbox in the bottom bracket. Virtually maintenance-free and protected from the elements, you can not only switch in the stand but also thanks to the large bandwidth, don’t have to make any compromises.

USB charging socket

Charging on the go.

We integrate energy sources into our bikes: you can charge your devices on the go via the USB interface on the handlebar. It is powered via the hub dynamo: the cable is routed through the fork.

The Boost standard

Wider is better.

Boost means wider hubs. A minor adjustment for major improvement: Wider hubs bring more stability when wheel diameters are wider, e.g. on 29er bikes.

The AMR bag system

Storage space for adventure.

Our AMR bag system is designed for all those who are hungry for adventure. With the frame, saddle and handlebar bag, additional outdoor equipment can be transported. It can all also be attached to a backpack.

Steel coil shocks

Uncomplicated and reliable.

Less maintenance, higher reliability, unbeatable performance and easy setup. Steel coil shocks are perfect for those who want to save time, effort and a suspension-fork pump.

Soft frame protection

Well padded against hard impacts.

The soft frame protection is primarily used on the bottom bracket of our AMR and RIOT series. Instead of risking a crack in a hard protection, we have used a soft frame protection.

Four-joint rear suspension

The best on any trail.

Proven for years, this reliable rear suspension works according to a progressive principle in which the braking forces do not affect the suspension function. This guarantees maximum pedalling efficiency and traction - uphill and downhill.