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An edgy racing endurance bike that feels the pull of the podium.

The ultimate weapon for all racers, uncompromisingly fast!

Our PATH RIOT is a racing machine in its purest form. The ultra rigid, aggressive full carbon endurance missile targets maximum speed downhill and the top place on the podium. The sensational downhill performance can be explained by the best steel suspension dampers from Fox and Cane Creek in a lightweight, extremely rigid carbon frame. On challenging tracks, the response is razor sharp while it takes out all the stops on uphill sections. This kind of ambitious bike needs to be ridden accordingly. Which is why they’ve been entrusted among others to our newly founded GHOST Factory Racing RIOT Team, headed by the three-time 4X world champion Michal Prokop, who is now one of the best endurance riders in the world.

High quality components
Coil shocks only