An edgy racing endurance bike that feels the pull of the podium.

The ultimate weapon for all racers, uncompromisingly fast!

Our PATH RIOT is a racing machine in its purest form. The ultra rigid, aggressive full carbon endurance missile targets maximum speed downhill and the top place on the podium. The sensational downhill performance can be explained by the best steel suspension dampers from Fox and Cane Creek in a lightweight, extremely rigid carbon frame. On challenging tracks, the response is razor sharp while it takes out all the stops on uphill sections. This kind of ambitious bike needs to be ridden accordingly. Which is why they’ve been entrusted among others to our newly founded GHOST Factory Racing RIOT Team, headed by the three-time 4X world champion Michal Prokop, who is now one of the best endurance riders in the world.

High quality components
Coil shocks only



We know what’s necessary on the track. Firstly, because our team riders constantly provide us with lots of feedback. Secondly, because our development team is made up of former (and some active) riders. This means that we deliver a race-ready product: out of the box ready for the track.

The V2 disconnect brake mount

Redistributed braking force.

An innovative, direct connection between the rear brake and the X12 axle. This technical solution reduces the weight and some of the forces are uncoupled from the seat stay. Furthermore, no threads are required in the frame to mount the brake calliper.

Riot link

Uncompromising suspension.

The RIOT link is a mechanical system with a floating coil shock that is driven from both sides. This system provides better drive neutrality, unparalleled response to the first 80 percent of the travel and high progressivity on the last 20 percent.

Composite bearings

Uncompromising racing technology.

Innovative, lightweight composite bearings with anodised aluminium axles ensure minimum friction. The bearings keep the suspension system’s weight low and its stiffness high for racing.

UC carbon

Our lightest material for optimum performance.

Only the best carbon fibres are used in this precision manufacturing technology. Thanks to optimised material distribution, we achieve maximum stiffness with less material consumption - and minimise weight at the same time.

Tapered head tube

The conical standard for greater stiffness.

Butted tapering has many advantages, including weight reduction, greater stiffness and improved load distribution.

Internally routed cables

Keeping it clean with super protection.

Greater protection and a cleaner look are the main arguments for internally routed cables and wires. Having long since been standard for racing bikes, internal routing has now been adopted by the MTB sector.

The ISCG 05

The international standard for integrated protection.

The International Standard Chain Guide is a standardised 3-point chain guide mount that is installed directly on the bottom bracket shell. When mounting chain guides, the bottom bracket no longer needs to be installed or removed.

Selected tyre combination

The best tyre solution.

Our Race Setup uses different tyres to obtain the optimum blend of traction, grip, low rolling resistance and optimum cornering. This isn’t a mishmash; it’s sophisticated tuning for the relevant discipline.


A free choice.

Those who want to convert to an electronic gear-shifting system can do so easily with our high-tech solution: our system allows you to install mechanical and electronic cable routing. 

Steel coil shocks

Uncomplicated and reliable.

Less maintenance, higher reliability, unbeatable performance and easy setup. Steel coil shocks are perfect for those who want to save time, effort and a suspension-fork pump.

Aluminium frame protection

Maximum durability where it counts.

Applied at the most critical points: the aluminium frame protection is applied where high mechanical stress can affect the frame. It provides effective protection if the chain falls and threatens to jam.

RIOT design

An award-winning design.

There’s no doubt about it, our RIOT design is quite simply sublime. As the winner of numerous awards, the design also respects a clear weight distribution: slender, light forms above, and heavy, thick diameters below for a low centre of gravity.

RIOT geometry

An uncontrollable lust for the trails.

The RIOT geometry wants one thing: a fast ride! The frame’s long top tube provides smooth and stable riding. Furthermore, a deep bottom bracket is used on the PathRiot.