For high mountains. Long tours. And challenging downhills.

GHOST RIOT AM | capable all mountain bike

The all mountain full-suspension for demanding tours

The RIOT is back on the trail! The brandnew RIOT AM follows in the footsteps of its predecessor - yet only its name has remained the same. If you have high mountains in view and are ready to earn your downhill, this muscle-driven all mountain bike is the perfect choice for you. The SuperFit geometry puts you in the perfect position to tackle long climbs comfortably and efficiently. And to ensure you enjoy every meter of your descent, the TractionLink rear triangle system keeps your rear wheel in contact with the ground. A masterpiece of engineering! With 160/150mm of travel, the suspension tames even the most unruly trails, making the RIOT AM an all mountain full-suspension for those who pedal uphill to blaze the downhill. 


Perfect SuperFit fit with trail-specific geometry

TractionLink rear triangle concept

One-piece rear triangle for optimum power transmission

Fully integrated dropper seatpost

Beautiful cable cover with frame protection function

Perfect SuperFit geometry
One-piece rear triangle for optimum power transmission
TractionLink rear triangle concept
Beautiful cable cover with frame protection function
Bottlecage ready
One-piece link
Coil and air shock models available


We at GHOST are introducing a new era of bicycle design and saying good-bye to traditional development methods. Starting immediately, we utilize a specially developed algorithm to holistically calculate our so-called “from-rider-to-bike-geometries”. This algorithm is called SuperFit


TractionLink ensures that your bike never loses traction, no matter how rough and wild the terrain becomes. The kinematics of our new RIOT is characterized by an especially well-balanced relation between pedaling efficiency and rear triangle performance. The travel is optimally used, impacts are confidently absorbed and brake stuttering is a thing of the past.

GHOST TractionLink Hinterbausystem




EASY, SIMPLE AND STIFF // A one-piece rear triangle construction made of solid connections offers high stiffness.

One-piece design for maximized stiffness.

Our one-piece rocker comes with an extra bonus: more stiffness leads to decreased transverse forces on the bolts and the entire rear

International standard for integrated protection.

The International Standard Chain Guide is a standardized 3-point mount chain guide installed directly on the bottom bracket shell.  When mounting chain guides the bottom bracket no longer needs to be installed or removed.

Wider is better.

Boost means wider hubs. A small adjustment for a great improvement: wider hubs result in higher stability on big wheelset diameters.

Designed with truly refreshing storage in mind.

There's plenty of space for refreshments. Bikes featuring this symbol provide plenty of space for a bottle. 

Best braking power, with exceptional control.

Whether in town or on terrain: The hydraulic disc brakes guarantee a safe and fast grip even in wet conditions, are easy to control and are not vulnerable in terms of dirt or performance loss.

Less parts, less hassle.

Forget about the second shifter, the rear derailleur and the cables there; with the 1by drivetrain you don't need any of those things. No more chain slapping either. And your chain jumping off the gear is so yesterday. 


Cable guides need a firm fit and want to be hidden. They are perfectly stowed away under the cable cover on the down tube. With the help of the snap lock on the cover, the cables can be exposed without tools in no time at all for quick service.



One derailleur hanger for all. To make it easier for everyone, we need more standards. SRAM now uses the „Universal derailleur hanger“, which not only reduces the number of spare parts, but also protects your rear derailleur from damage by folding backwards at impact.


Drop it when the trail gets hot.

Remote-controlled seatpost: a great help when the trail gets steeper or when you want to get on or off easier. 


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