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Precise machine, Enduro racer and Award collector.

Razor sharp rocket for uncompromising speed on the trails!

The RIOT is our aggressive technician that is quite simply made for racing! Every ambitious and demanding endurance biker out there finds that this extremely stiff and fast bike does the job very nicely thank you. The stiff FOX fork controls with utmost precision and with its 150 mm flattens the terrain, while at the rear of the Cane Creek, the 130 mm dampers confidently perform their services. Thanks to the RIOT-Link, the combination also seems to have significantly more travel. And even optically the bike reflects its excellent performance - literally: With the RIOT we have come away with some of the world's most prestigious design awards!

Riot Link
Cane Creek rear shocks

RIOT design

An award-winning design.

There’s no doubt about it, our RIOT design is quite simply sublime. As the winner of numerous awards, the design also respects a clear weight distribution: slender, light forms above, and heavy, thick diameters below for a low centre of gravity.

RIOT geometry

An uncontrollable lust for the trails.

The RIOT geometry wants one thing: a fast ride! The frame’s long top tube provides smooth and stable riding. Furthermore, a deep bottom bracket is used on the PathRiot.

UC carbon

Our lightest material for optimum performance.

Only the best carbon fibres are used in this precision manufacturing technology. Thanks to optimised material distribution, we achieve maximum stiffness with less material consumption - and minimise weight at the same time.

Integrated cable routing

Packed away and protected.

We firmly believe that beauty comes from within - especially when it brings out the outer beauty. However, the cables are not only hidden for aesthetic reasons in the specially designed down tube and mudguard; they are also bett er protected and remain easily accessible.

The X12 standard

A stable axle for stiffer rear stays.

The hub axle is clamped with considerable axial stress in the rear, saving a great deal of weight in the entire system and obtaining a high degree of stiffness.

Riot link

Uncompromising suspension.

The RIOT link is a mechanical system with a floating coil shock that is driven from both sides. This system provides better drive neutrality, unparalleled response to the first 80 percent of the travel and high progressivity on the last 20 percent.

Composite bearings

Uncompromising racing technology.

Innovative, lightweight composite bearings with anodised aluminium axles ensure minimum friction. The bearings keep the suspension system’s weight low and its stiffness high for racing.

Tapered head tube

The conical standard for greater stiffness.

Butted tapering has many advantages, including weight reduction, greater stiffness and improved load distribution.