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Premium-quality aluminum hardtail for highest expectations

Fast, steady, yet agile and playful.

The KATO X is the ideal bike for those bikers who demand a lot from their bike, but are not looking for carbon: You have come to the right place. Welded out of a premium-quality tubeset, fully butted and hydroformed, the KATO X is the lightest and highest-quality aluminum mountain bike in our range. Fun to ride, quality and high expectations are at the top of the list: the 29" bike rolls fast, smooth and steady. Yet it is extremely agile and playful, even if the trail gets a little narrow. Perfect if you are looking for a bike to ride long trails fast and comfortably, enjoying every bit of your ride.

high end aluminium frame
superior geometry
quality components

Hydroformed tube sets

Perfectly shaped for optimum performance.

The hydroforming process achieves the ultimate stiffness and optimum power flow for each section of the frame. This gives us freedom for creative tube design.

Triple-butted tube sets

Treated three times for number one quality.

Optimum durability at the minimum weight thanks to a triple treatment: this changes the wall thickness between the different diameters, making it possible to save weight where possible and to obtain the necessary stiffness where needed.


Complex calculations for uncomplicated solutions.

Every last detail of our FEM-optimised frames has been improved using complex calculations. This results in simple solutions that are much more complex than they appear.

Tapered head tube

The conical standard for greater stiffness.

Butted tapering has many advantages, including weight reduction, greater stiffness and improved load distribution.

Forged chainstay yoke

A solution forged in heaven.

The connection between the chainstay and bottom bracket is a crucial point on the bike. With our elaborate forged solution we achieve a very high degree of stiffness and strength.