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The reliable partner for the back country.

Adventure meets peace of mind: Relaxed riding guaranteed.

Our ROKET bikes are special hardtails that offer carefree simplicity without skimping on fun and safety on the trail. They come with respectable travel (130 mm) and Plus tires. This helps them cut through rough terrain comfortably, effectively and reliably. Then there is our special back country bike, the ROKET X. Designed to be low-maintenance, it comes equipped with a lightweight, absolutely carefree 12-speed gear box Pinion P1.12. Also included in the X-package: Telescopic post, a special hub dynamo and a USB charging option on the cockpit!


Particularly robust aluminum hardtail frame with modern offroad geometry

27.5“+ wheelset for superior handling and comfortable roll-over properties

Thought-out equipment for very comfortable rides in rough terrain

carefully selected components
27.5"+ / Boost/ 29" Ready
Ready for internally routed dropper seatposts

ROKET Lineup

Meet the Other Members of the Family



Wheelsize 27.5 + inch

Complex calculations for uncomplicated solutions.

Our optimized FEM frames have been improved with complex calculations down to the last detail. The resulting, seemingly simple solutions are much more complex than they appear. 

Wider is better.

Boost means wider hubs. A small adjustment for a great improvement: Wider hubs bring more stability on bigger wheelset diameters much like the 29er bikes.

Lower for more freedom.

Our frames are already prepared for dropper seat posts: The cables can be routed inside the tubes for a clean look and better protection. For all those who are already thinking about tomorrow today.


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