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Our comfortable long-haul road bike.

Bonus miles guaranteed with our unbeatable Nivolet.

Try the Nivolet racing bike and you’ll never want to leave the saddle. A comfortable endurance athlete that can cover a lot of ground quickly with its pleasant geometry and perfectly appointed equipment - while handling the hills as well as the sprints. From our Nivolet UC (Ultralight Carbon) with special fibre and layup technology right through to the carbon model and the lightweight aluminium racer. And since we are convinced that the later your brake the faster you ride, we have come up with the Nivolet X, our road bikes complete with disc brakes. An unrivalled advantage in wet conditions and on long descents.

integrated fork design
high quality components
UC carbon, LC carbon or AL alloy versions

UC carbon

Our lightest material for optimum performance.

Only the best carbon fibres are used in this precision manufacturing technology. Thanks to optimised material distribution, we achieve maximum stiffness with less material consumption - and minimise weight at the same time.

LC carbon

Light carbon to keep down the weight.

Stiff, strong and precision-tooled. Our carbon process is optimised by the layered structure on each point of the frame and provides the best possible power to weight ratio. 


A free choice.

Those who want to convert to an electronic gear-shifting system can do so easily with our high-tech solution: our system allows you to install mechanical and electronic cable routing. 

Bottle holder mount

Designed for thirst quenchers.

Thirst is the enemy of every cyclist. With the bottle holder mount we are well equipped, even if the ride is a bit longer than planned.

Internally routed cables

Keeping it clean with super protection.

Greater protection and a cleaner look are the main arguments for internally routed cables and wires. Having long since been standard for racing bikes, internal routing has now been adopted by the MTB sector.

Hydroformed tube sets

Perfectly shaped for optimum performance.

The hydroforming process achieves the ultimate stiffness and optimum power flow for each section of the frame. This gives us freedom for creative tube design.