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The story behind our bikes

GHOST has been building bikes for over 20 years. But what makes our bikes different from the others? Every one of our bikes has its own defining character. There are several nuances between a good-natured entry-level bike and a aggressive all-mountain bike - and they can only be measured in angles, millimetres and travel. Our developers are all experienced cyclists from every discipline, which means that each bike has an unmistakable signature. What makes our bikes different from the others is the fact that we put our passion into building bikes with character rather than the usual boring ones.


Behind every bike lies an elaborate development process. We often fine-tune the tiniest details for months until everything is how we want it. The development lays the foundation in the design, functionality and the extensive features. This is also where solutions are created for all aspects of our product range, e.g. the disconnected brake mount and the platform idea.


We firmly believe in quality. From the 3D measurement of our frames to series testing, we place a high value on constant checks and improvements. The fact that we have our own frame-making facility makes a huge difference as production processes can be quickly and easily adapted.


Our strapline not only expresses our dedication to “typical German” precision and technical sophistication, it is also part of our identity and the challenge we set ourselves to deliver the best. We are very proud of our strapline. We regularly win design prizes and podium places, and do well in product tests.