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Ghost Technologies

Precision-made by passionate bike nuts

When the two bike freaks Uwe Kalliwoda and Klaus Möhwald founded Ghost-Bikes in 1993, no-one could have imagined that the company would turn from a local garage into an international corporation. But one thing has remained the same: our passion for bikes and the ultimate in perfection. We are particularly proud of our many technologies and features.

“Every technology and development has a purpose: it has to suit the bike and the discipline to result in a perfect overall concept.”

Volker Ackermann, Research & Development Engineer

Integrated brake mounts

Less weight and a better look.

Our specially designed forks integrate the brakes perfectly in terms of form and function. Another feature that allows us to reduce the weight, optimise braking performance and also visually provide an attractive transition.

Hydraulic disc brakes

Optimum braking force with exceptional control.

Whether in town or off-road, the hydraulic disc brakes guarantee a safe and fast grip even in wet conditions, are easy to control and are not vulnerable in terms of dirt or performance loss.

Integrated cable routing

Packed away and protected.

We firmly believe that beauty comes from within - especially when it brings out the outer beauty. However, the cables are not only hidden for aesthetic reasons in the specially designed down tube and mudguard; they are also bett er protected and remain easily accessible.


Belt- and chain-drive-compatible.

Because versatile functionality is the future: our special sandwich construc tion on the dropout allows very easy conversion from chain to belt drive - a nd vice versa.

Integrated luggage rack

Elegantly inconspicuous, yet resilient.

Our luggage rack is plain and simple. However, the elegant, discrete design belies an extremely stiff, robust construction that can take loads of up to 25 kg and is compatible with typical luggage systems by other manufacturers.

Integrated rack for panniers

Stylish, strong and sound.

Don’t be fooled by the stylish exterior of our urban luggage rack: its design fits the minimalist look perfectly, but it is still exceptionally resistant. Panniers can also be fitted to the sides.

The GHOST Urban rigid fork

A rigid fork for the road.

Our unique SQUARE fork is stiff, light and stylish: this is evident in the elegant detached brake mounts and hidden cable routing that give the bike its streamlined appearance.

The GHOST central suspension fork

Comfort for town and country.

Our stiff, lightweight SQUARE suspension fork affords smoothness and comfort in city traffic and out in the country. The elegantly integrated brake mounts and hidden cable routing underline the streamlined impression.

Platform product

A strong foundation!

Our entire SQUARE line is based on our proprietary frame, which is designed down to the tiniest detail in-house. We have managed to combine functionality, stiffness and comfort, while getting rid of all superfluous elements. Streamlined, precise, efficient - and in all price ranges!

Swivel stem

Slims down when things get tight.

City living is usually synonymous with space saving. A small rotation is sometimes all it takes to make a difference. Whether it is in the subway, in the apartment hallway or when travelling by train, the adjustable stem means that the handlebar can be easily screwed in to save space.

Prepared for belt drive

Flexibility down to the drive.

Our specially developed sandwich construction on the dropout means that conversion from chain to belt drive is simple.

Removable mudguards

Removable protection.

A matter of taste: The mudguards keep the mud away, but can be removed easily if you prefer making lighter work of the terrain.

Child-seat-compatible (up to 25 kg)

A safe seat for kids.

Take a seat: For family spins, the seat for younger passengers can be mounted on our luggage rack. It carries up to 25 kg.

Anti-theft devices (axles, saddle clamp)

A frustrating experience for thieves.

In the city, it is important to think not only of the safety of the rider, but also of the safety of the bicycle. The best bike won’t be of much use once it’s gone - or if parts are stolen. Our anti-theft solution on the hubs and seat clamp can drive thieves to despair and save your wheel and saddle at the same time.


A flexible transport solution.

Our luggage rack is individually upgradeable and can be easily equipped with panniers  by popular brands.

Luggage rack mount

A free choice of transportation.

More flexibility, more freedom, more on board: luggage racks can be quickly mounted onto our frames.

Mudguard mount

Stay clean!

Those who want to keep mud and water splashes at bay can easily retrofit their bike with mudguards.

Kickstand mount

Easy-to-install kickstand.

Those who want to stand their bike safely can easily retrofit their frame with a kick stand.

Hub drive

A well-protected drive.

The compact hub transmission is not only tucked away out of site; it is also properly shielded against dirt and much less sensitive and much less susceptible to wear.

Hub dynamo

Reliable, low-maintenance and full of energy.

The hub dynamos quietly and smoothly deliver a lot of energy for reliable lighting. Not only are they highly efficient; they are also robust and low-maintenance.

Integrated lighting

An unobtrusive shining example.

Minimalist design, maximum functionality: the cables for our high-quality lamps are completely out of sight and well-protected within the mudguard. 

Connected biking

A smart city bike.

How the future looks: with the COBI system you remain connected on your bike. The smartphone concept navigates through the city traffic, informs, telephones and controls the lights. 

All-weather tyres

The ideal tyres, 365 days a year.

Changing tyres? Save the effort! Our tyres are suitable for all seasons.

Extra-stiff mudguards

Clean in both senses.

It’s even possible to optimise mudguards: our extremely stiff mudguard design mean we don’t need additional stanchions. This saves weight and also ensures a super-clean look.



We know what’s necessary on the track. Firstly, because our team riders constantly provide us with lots of feedback. Secondly, because our development team is made up of former (and some active) riders. This means that we deliver a race-ready product: out of the box ready for the track.

The V2 disconnect brake mount

Redistributed braking force.

An innovative, direct connection between the rear brake and the X12 axle. This technical solution reduces the weight and some of the forces are uncoupled from the seat stay. Furthermore, no threads are required in the frame to mount the brake calliper.

Disconnect brake mount for forks

Optimised power flow.

The technology of our uncoupled brake mounts is now available for the front wheel! On our XC rigid fork, the new system is used to initiate braking forces directly in the axle and not in the fork.

Riot link

Uncompromising suspension.

The RIOT link is a mechanical system with a floating coil shock that is driven from both sides. This system provides better drive neutrality, unparalleled response to the first 80 percent of the travel and high progressivity on the last 20 percent.

Four-joint rear suspension

The best on any trail.

Proven for years, this reliable rear suspension works according to a progressive principle in which the braking forces do not affect the suspension function. This guarantees maximum pedalling efficiency and traction - uphill and downhill.

Composite bearings

Uncompromising racing technology.

Innovative, lightweight composite bearings with anodised aluminium axles ensure minimum friction. The bearings keep the suspension system’s weight low and its stiffness high for racing.

Full-complement bearings

Details that are worthwhile.

The highest standard for all! With these long-life ball bearings our mountain bikes are well protected against all influences, whether dirt, shear forces or wear.

The Flip Chip (shock mount)

A new bike in no time at all.

A new bike with a flick of the wrist! Our AMR's have a rotatable shock mount, which makes it possible to install a longer shock: this allows greater rear travel and automatically adjusts the geometry.

LC carbon

Light carbon to keep down the weight.

Stiff, strong and precision-tooled. Our carbon process is optimised by the layered structure on each point of the frame and provides the best possible power to weight ratio. 

UC carbon

Our lightest material for optimum performance.

Only the best carbon fibres are used in this precision manufacturing technology. Thanks to optimised material distribution, we achieve maximum stiffness with less material consumption - and minimise weight at the same time.

Hydroformed tube sets

Perfectly shaped for optimum performance.

The hydroforming process achieves the ultimate stiffness and optimum power flow for each section of the frame. This gives us freedom for creative tube design.

Semi-hydroformed tube sets

The perfect combination for the best performance and visual effect.

A combination of normal and hydroformed tubes allows a specific power flow in each frame part and also offers a good price-performance ratio.

Triple-butted tube sets

Treated three times for number one quality.

Optimum durability at the minimum weight thanks to a triple treatment: this changes the wall thickness between the different diameters, making it possible to save weight where possible and to obtain the necessary stiffness where needed.

Double-butted tube sets

Twice as good.

High durability and low weight: here the aluminium tubes change the wall thicknesses in order to save weight and, where necessary, obtain the necessary stiffness.

Tapered head tube

The conical standard for greater stiffness.

Butted tapering has many advantages, including weight reduction, greater stiffness and improved load distribution.

Internally routed cables

Keeping it clean with super protection.

Greater protection and a cleaner look are the main arguments for internally routed cables and wires. Having long since been standard for racing bikes, internal routing has now been adopted by the MTB sector.

The X-Yoke, featuring internally routed cables

Optimum power distribution with well-engineered details.

With the Torsion X in the chainstay yoke, we have come up with a solution that is both lightweight and offers perfect power distribution and cable routing.

Extra-lightweight anodised rear

The quality lies in attention to detail.

Hardly anyone thinks about the surface finish. Except us: instead of painting the rear stays, we anodise them. This process hardens the surface and reduces weight.

The ISCG 05

The international standard for integrated protection.

The International Standard Chain Guide is a standardised 3-point chain guide mount that is installed directly on the bottom bracket shell. When mounting chain guides, the bottom bracket no longer needs to be installed or removed.

The X12 standard

A stable axle for stiffer rear stays.

The hub axle is clamped with considerable axial stress in the rear, saving a great deal of weight in the entire system and obtaining a high degree of stiffness.

Forged dropouts

The perfect fit.

Our forged dropouts are manufactured to a high quality: they achieve particularly high stiffness values and also integrate perfectly into our frame design.  

Forged chainstay yoke

A solution forged in heaven.

The connection between the chainstay and bottom bracket is a crucial point on the bike. With our elaborate forged solution we achieve a very high degree of stiffness and strength.

Battery under the luggage rack

Well hidden.

You have to look closely to find the battery in our pedelecs. They are below the luggage rack, where they are barely visible and out of the way.

Angle set

It’s all a matter of attitude.

Our steering angle can be flattened by 2 degrees or set at a steeper angle. Easy adjustment for a big impact. 

Selected tyre combination

The best tyre solution.

Our Race Setup uses different tyres to obtain the optimum blend of traction, grip, low rolling resistance and optimum cornering. This isn’t a mishmash; it’s sophisticated tuning for the relevant discipline.

Preparation for internally routed telescopic seatposts

Adjustable for greater freedom.

Our frames are already prepared for adjustable seat posts: The cable routing can be routed inside the tubes for a clean look and better protection. For all those who are already thinking about tomorrow today.


A free choice.

Those who want to convert to an electronic gear-shifting system can do so easily with our high-tech solution: our system allows you to install mechanical and electronic cable routing. 

USB charging socket

Charging on the go.

We integrate energy sources into our bikes: you can charge your devices on the go via the USB interface on the handlebar. It is powered via the hub dynamo: the cable is routed through the fork.

Steel coil shocks

Uncomplicated and reliable.

Less maintenance, higher reliability, unbeatable performance and easy setup. Steel coil shocks are perfect for those who want to save time, effort and a suspension-fork pump.

Down tube with integrated battery

Unobtrusive and slim.

We have integrated the battery aesthetically in the pedelec down tube. This makes for a clean, streamlined appearance.

The Shimano Steps 8000

The inconspicuous high-flyer.

Shimano's new Steps 8000 motor stands out due to its excellent performance and broad power delivery with low motor noise. Its unobtrusive look means that it almost disappears into the frame.

The Shimano Steps 6000

A distance runner with the wind in its tail.

The little brother of Shimano's' big Steps 8000 convinces with a similar capacity with the same, inconspicuous appearance and quiet performance.


A proven motor with real power.

This electric drive guarantees excellent quality, performance and durability in a compact design. The rechargeable battery pack is easy to remove, while the streamlined design of the synoptic display is extremely user-friendly and guarantees correct functioning.

The AMR bag system

Storage space for adventure.

Our AMR bag system is designed for all those who are hungry for adventure. With the frame, saddle and handlebar bag, additional outdoor equipment can be transported. It can all also be attached to a backpack.

Bottle holder mount

Designed for thirst quenchers.

Thirst is the enemy of every cyclist. With the bottle holder mount we are well equipped, even if the ride is a bit longer than planned.

Mount for up to 2 water bottle holders

For double the stamina.

If there is still a way to go and the end is not in sight, nothing beats a refreshing swig from your water bottle. It’s a good thing that we’ve prepared a second mount for endurance athletes.

Automatic circuit

For carefree fun and lasting pleasure.

With the self-switching SRAM Automatix hub, we offer a carefree package. Depending on the riding speed, this hub switches back and forth between the two gears, without you having to worry about a thing.

Gearbox in the bottom bracket (Pinion)

Best sealed switching artists from Germany.

With the highly innovative Pinion gear-switching, we have installed an unrivalled gearbox in the bottom bracket. Virtually maintenance-free and protected from the elements, you can not only switch in the stand but also thanks to the large bandwidth, don’t have to make any compromises.


One standard, several options.

All the B+-ready wheels are a treat: you get 2 wheels for the price of one! Either you use 27.5"+ wheels for wide tyres to make the most of the grip and safety aspect; or you use 29” wheels to tear along any trail at lightning speed.


Perfectly prepared.

Prepared for Shimano’s Side Swing dérailleur technology and thus ideally prepared for the future.

FD slot with cover

Hidden talent.

By default, our FD-mount for dérailleur or chain guides is well hidden.


Loads of extra energy.

Our HybRides are bikes with that extra bit of energy: with either Shimano or Bosch motorised support, they allow you to set off on long rides with lots of tailwind.


Complex calculations for uncomplicated solutions.

Every last detail of our FEM-optimised frames has been improved using complex calculations. This results in simple solutions that are much more complex than they appear.

The Boost standard

Wider is better.

Boost means wider hubs. A minor adjustment for major improvement: Wider hubs bring more stability when wheel diameters are wider, e.g. on 29er bikes.

Painted decals

The perfect finish.

With these bikes we’ve put some extra attention into the finish: Instead of foil decals, the frames are elaborately masked and then recoated.

Durable anodising

Because lighter can also be synonymous with longer-lasting.

All anodised frame parts are not only lighter, but also more resistant. Anodising hardens the surface, thus rendering it more resistant to scratches. And as no paint is necessary for this, it also saves weight.

Integrated frame protection

An inconspicuous solution for a striking improvement.

The integrated frame protection is strikingly inconspicuous: extra wells are modelled in the frame to optically integrate the protection, which is mounted later, and to avoid any protruding surfaces.

Aluminium frame protection

Maximum durability where it counts.

Applied at the most critical points: the aluminium frame protection is applied where high mechanical stress can affect the frame. It provides effective protection if the chain falls and threatens to jam.

Plastic frame protection

Minimum weight, effective protection.

Hard plastic protection that offers effective, lightweight protection to protect the chainstay from being hit by the chain.

Soft frame protection

Well padded against hard impacts.

The soft frame protection is primarily used on the bottom bracket of our AMR and RIOT series. Instead of risking a crack in a hard protection, we have used a soft frame protection.

Part of the platform concept

One concept, many advantages.

Frames that were developed as part of a platform do not only share technical details, but also more efficient production processes and therefore offer a higher quality at the same price.

RIOT design

An award-winning design.

There’s no doubt about it, our RIOT design is quite simply sublime. As the winner of numerous awards, the design also respects a clear weight distribution: slender, light forms above, and heavy, thick diameters below for a low centre of gravity.

RIOT geometry

An uncontrollable lust for the trails.

The RIOT geometry wants one thing: a fast ride! The frame’s long top tube provides smooth and stable riding. Furthermore, a deep bottom bracket is used on the PathRiot.

Riot Shape

RIOT link


Full complement bearings

Composit bushing

Hydroformed tubeset

Carbon flex stays

Forged dropout

Forged yoke

Disconnect brake mount

GHOST fork system

LECTOR fork system

Internal cable routing

Integrated cable routing


Post mount

Through-axle standard


Frame protection

Boost standard

29" compatible

27,5+ compatible

Race ready

UCI conform

FEM calculated

Bottlecage ready

Ready for dropper seatpost

Shimano Steps 8000


Extra strong battery

Integrated battery

HybRide MXer concept

Smart app

Disc brake

Coil shock

1by drivetrain

Gearbox drivetrain

Dropper post

AMR bag system

Hub dynamo

Integrated lights

USB charger

Kick stand ready

Extra strong fenders

Fender ready

Integrated carrier

Integrated carrier for panniers

Lightweight Carbon

Ultralightweight Carbon


Ultralightweight Carbon, Lightweight Carbon

Ultralightweight Carbon, Lightweight Carbon, Aluminum

Lightweight Carbon, Aluminum

Wheelsize 12 inch

Wheelsize 16 inch

Wheelsize 20 inch

Wheelsize 24 inch

Wheelsize 26 inch

Wheelsize 27.5 inch

Wheelsize 27.5 + inch

Wheelsize 28 inch

Wheelsize 29 inch

Wheelsizes 16, 12 inch

Wheelsizes 24, 20 inch

Wheelsizes 29, 27.5, 26 inch

For all those who fanatical attention to detail is too much, there is an easier way to find the perfect bike. Our bike-wiki provides you with a simple way to find the best bike for your discipline.

Find the right bike for you now!