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Smartly integrated. Athletic. Fast.

X-tremely light e-cross country weapon.

The X in the model name of this bike stands for x-treme: extremely light, extremely fast, extremely exclusive. Our engineers kept their focus consistently on developing  speed on this hard core weapon, based on our legendary cross-country Lector racer: No wasted weight stops the uncontrolled forward thrust of the HYBRIDE LECTOR X! This is accomplished by the minimalist GHOST full carbon rigid fork and an uncompromising high-class set-up. The HYBRIDE LECTOR X is in a class of its own!


Intelligent tire choice for low weight and rolling resistance

Extremely low total weight thanks to the GHOST rigid fork

Hybride MX concept: 29"/ 27.5"+ mix for perfectly tuned riding stability and traction

Uncompromising setup for striking efficiency

New development based on the DNA of our renowned and successful LECTOR race bikes


Lightweight Carbon

Wheelsize 27.5 + inch

Complex calculations for uncomplicated solutions.

Our optimized FEM frames have been improved with complex calculations down to the last detail. The resulting, seemingly simple solutions are much more complex than they appear. 

The answer for best performance.

MXer sounds like  Motocross? Correct! A big, slim front wheel and a small, wide rear wheel guarantee great directional stability, low rolling resistance, maximum traction and power transmission at the rear.

LECTOR fork system