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Hannes Slavik

Date of birth: 08/02/1989
Nationality: Austrian
Social media:

Racing in the blood

No, Hannes Slavik is not Tomáš Slavík’s brother, cousin or brother-in-law! Even though the two share the same surname and compete in the same discipline, they are not related to one another. But they do have one thing in common: an absolute will to win and insane speed! The two perennials never tire of taking countless podium place every season.

Hannes’ bike of choice is his RIOT - he likes to ride it even when he is off the race trails, where he prefers single trails because he can really give it some gas. He will present a real challenge to his rivals again in 2017!

Major successes

Eighth place 4X Pro Tour Series Overall
Fourth place 4X Pro Tour Fort William
Third place Euro 4X Series Overall
First place Euro 4X Series Leibstadt

"The SL AMR is perfect to rock the trails! All the more with the 29" wheels . Super agile, the slightly flexing rear also helps by seeking out the best track on hard impacts or extreme obstacles. A ramrod stiff bike is unforgiving, and riding errors can be felt here mercilessly; the SL AMR comes to the rescue. The stiff main frame offers exceptional steering precision and directional stability, and the rear follows suit! "


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