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Heroes / GHOST Factory Racing Team / With European Championship medals in the bag, team off to the World Cup in Canada - Anne Terpstra tops her season’s best performance yet again

With European Championship medals in the bag, team off to the World Cup in Canada - Anne Terpstra tops her season’s best performance yet again

Energized by two European Championship medals, the GHOST Factory Racing Team traveled to the World Cup race in Mont Sainte-Anne, Canada, and was able to put down more great results. Malene Degn delivered another TOP10 result in the U23 category and Anne Terpstra topped her season’s best World Cup result yet again. After finishing in 19th and 17th place in the last two races, she barely lost in the sprint for 15th place. As he had already done last year, Max Foidl traveled with the team as a guest rider. The Austrian U23 Champion finished in sixth place – the best result in his career.

Malene Degn and Anne Terpstra walked away from the European Championship with medals and did the team proud. The girl from Denmark got a little sick the week of the European Championships, but decided to compete in the relay and was able to celebrate the Silver Medal together with the team. This ride took its toll though, and she had to finish the XCO race on Sunday early in order to prepare for the World Cup in Canada. Having won Silver last year, Anne Terpstra got Bronze in the Sprint this time. “This year, I didn’t really feel as comfortable on the course as I did last year. But I am super happy with my result. Unfortunately, the course wasn’t really ideal for a Sprint and pretty boring towards the end. I managed to make it into the final and that’s what I am very happy about.” After the XCE race, the Dutch girl put down another strong performance with her seventh place finish. Her teammate Lisi Osl came in 16th place, and Lisa Pasteiner took 8th place in the Junior category. 

Malene Degn hadn’t quite recovered in Canada, and took it easier than she normally would have: I knew that this was going to be a shock for my body and that’s why I really wasn’t sure how things would pan out here. In the end, it was a solid result and I did well on the really difficult course and got to the finish line safe and sound. Now, I will take it easy and recover and prepare for the last two races on the schedule…”

Just like last year, the team was accompanied by the Austrian U23 Champion Max Foidl. The GHOST rider put down a strong race in Mont Sainte Anne in 2016 and managed to repeat again this year. The Austrian was able to keep up with the lead group right from the start and it wasn’t until shortly before the finish that he fell behind the fourth place finisher. “I am really happy with my sixth place finish. Thank you to the team for the support and the cool week. It is great to get a look behind the scenes and everyone welcomed me with open arms. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to deliver this result. Now I really hope that things will go well for me in the World Cup this season. That hasn’t really worked very well so far.”    

Anne Terpstra was angry about the lost sprint for 15th place at first, but then realized that she did ride a good race: “Naturally, the lost sprint bugs me, but I am satisfied with 16th place. I only made a few mistakes and had respect for the course. Especially since it didn’t go so well during the first wet training session yesterday. In the beginning, a crash in front of me blocked me a little, but that didn’t make a difference in the outcome of the race. During the race, there were two moments where I thought I was going to die – but that didn’t happen somehow.” The 16th place finish means another improvement compared to Lenzerheide and the third TOP20 result in a row.

After flying back home from Canada, the entire team will compete at the final World Cup race in Val di Sole, Italy, before most of the athletes will continue to travel to Australia for the World Championships. At the season’s end, Anne Terpstra will want to defend her lead in the Bundesliga.



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