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Alexandra Engen

Date of birth: 05/01/1988

Nationality: Swedish

Height: 174 cm

Weight: 65 kg

Hobbies: people, stories, crafts and cooking

Website: www.alexandraengen.com

Social media: official facebook fanpage Alex Engen 

The super Swede

Alexandra Engen got the “bike virus“ when she was allowed to test ride a friend’s downhill bike and discovered her passion for downhills. The young Swede’s new hobby was a source of concern to her mother, who registered her at the local cycling club instead, where her talent was quickly discovered and, after a few off-road training sessions, she was allowed to participate in her first regional race.

While she was at school, the now 27-year-old managed to bike and study while the dream of making money as a professional rider grew stronger and stronger. Alex used the time after graduating from secondary school race all over Europe, meet fantastic people and “to enjoy Swiss chocolate” as she confesses with a smile. Her break-through came in 2009 when she won the silver medal at the U23 World and European Championships. That year, the sprint specialist decided to move to Germany “to develop as a person and as a professional cyclist”.

Alex describes her first year in Freiburg as “fantastic, pretty much unbelievable”. Looking back at Alexandra’s 2010 season, it’s not hard to believe her: she made a lot of friends, learned countless new German words, secured her fourth Swedish Championship and crowned the year with World and European Championship titles in the U23 category. The likeable, happy-go-lucky Swede’s most successful year until then was followed by a tough winter with many injuries.

But Alex didn’t let herself get down, never doubted herself and won the Swedish Championship for the fifth time in a row in 2011 . In 2012, the Swede, who adopted Freiburg as her new home town, started her first season with the GHOST Factory Racing Team full of confidence and anticipation, focusing on one specific goal, saying “I’m really working hard to make it to the Olympic Games in London.” She was not only able to achieve this goal, but to also celebrate more incredible successes. Sixth place at the Olympics, sixth place at the World Cup in Windham, Swedish Cross-Country and Marathon Champion, World Cup victory at the Cross-Country Eliminator and the Eliminator World Championship title in the autumn were the highlights, even though she had a rough start to the season. A fall at the first training race of the season caused quite a setback, but made her comeback even more impressive. “The first year in the GHOST Factory Racing Team was the best of my career”, she concludes.

Even better years were to follow. The likeable Swede was able to add another XCE World Champion Title, her first XCO World Cup podium finishes, the XCE Overall World Cup victory, the second overall Bundesliga victory in a row and countless more achievements to her impressive list.



First place World Cup XCE Cairns / AUS 2014


First place World Championships XCE Pietermaritzburg / RSA 2013 

First place World Cup XCE OVERALL / 2013
Fifth place World Cup XCO OVERALL / 2013
Fifth place World Cup XCO Albstadt / GER 2013
First place World Cup XCE Albstadt / GER 2013 - Val di Sole / ITA 2013
First place Bundesliga Overall 2013


First place Bundesliga Overall 2012

First place World Championships XCE Saalfelden / AUT 2012
First place Swedish Championships XC 2007-2012
First place World Cup XCE Nove Mesto / CZE 2012
Sixth place Olympics, London 2012

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