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Anne Terpstra

Date of birth: 05/01/1991

Nationality: Dutch

Height: 166 cm

Weight: 55 kg

Hobbies: Cycling, reading, listening to music, cooking, cinema, training my youth team and being happy!

Social media: Instagram @MTBAnne

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Best. Sport. Ever.

Hi there, I’m Anne! I was born on 5 January 1991 in a small town called Zierikzee in the southwest of the Netherlands. Anne started mountainbiking at the age of 12, after becoming jealous of seeing her brother having so much fun every week. Shortly afterwards she completed her first muddy battle of a race, soaking wet and had only one thought: “Best. Sport. Ever.”

After a few years, Anne moved with her parents and brother to the centre of Holland, where she and her brother started riding in national mountain bike races. It wasn’t all fun though. Anne was enjoying herself, but winning races was far from easy. At this point it was just a dream to race around the world.

As the racing got more and more serious, her dream slowly started to come true. Anne managed to win the World Cup as a junior in the middle of her final exams. From then on she participated in all the international Cross Country mountain bike championships and got better every year.

As her racing became more and more serious, so did her education.  Anne’s bachelor degree in medicine is something she is very proud of having achieved. The combination of studying and racing at the level of her goal was not realistic for the future. In 2013 she made the decision to go pro and focus on racing full-time.

Anne would not regret this decision. 2015 was her most successful year so far. She won the National Championship for the fourth tine, finished in the TOP20 in the World Cup several times, came in 5th place in the Eliminator at the World Championships, and was ranked ninth in the UCI ranking at the end of the year. Anne set ambitious goals for the future and wants to find out how successful she can be as a mountain biker. “I am proud to discover my true potential wearing the GHOST Factory Racing Team jersey. A team with clear goals, knowledge and ambitions. In 2016, I was able to make my dream of competing in the Olympic Games come true. But there is much more to come!” The girl from the Netherlands did indeed stick to her word: She delivered a twelfth place finish at the World Championships in Australia, but the highlight was her first TOP10 finish at the World Cup final. But even with these accomplishments under her belt, Anne’s motto is: “As long as I can see progress, why shouldn’t it be possible to get even faster?”

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Dutch Champion XCO
Fifth place World Championships XCE


Dutch Champion XCO
Dutch Champion XCE


Third place European Championships XCO
Third place European Championships Team


Fifth place World Championships XCO


Dutch National Champion XCO

Second place World Championship XCE

Participated at Olympic Games RIO 

"My LECTOR X is my secret weapon! When the course is less rough , or when it’s all about speed, I want the fastest bike out there. The LECTOR is already really stiff and fast, but together with the carbon rigid fork, it’s just amazing! Especially in Eliminator races where you take out all the stops for a few minutes, you can really let off steam. Uncompromising and unrivalled!”