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Malene Degn

Date of Birth: December 2, 1996

Nationality: Danish

Height: 162cm

Weight: 52 kg

Hobbies: family, coffee, friends, adventures

After seeing her father come home from mountain bike rides with a big smile on his face, covered in mud, Malene, at the age of 9, insisted on getting a MTB so she could have part of the fun. It started with one ride a week, but quickly escalated, and one ride became an everyday activity. The mountain bike world fascinated Malene and it grew into a lifestyle. In her first 6 years of mountain biking, it was all about the fun-factor, playing on the bike and laughing with good friends.    


At the age of 16, she participated in the Youth European Championship and finished 2nd. That event was the decisive moment for Malene's choice, and her motivation to start dreaming of the big international mountain bike scene. Together with her home club, Canyon, and the National Team, she started her junior years and became a huge success. Her worst finish during her 2 junior years was a single 4th place, and a new talent was about to be recognized. With several World Cup wins, champion titles and medals, she moved up to the under 23 category with big dreams. 


Going into the new and stronger category, Malene was still in school and therefore a well planned double life needed to be built. As the competition got tougher along with the school, she didn't have the time or opportunity to ride a full World Cup program, and stayed with the National Team. But that didn't take great achievements from her grasp. Finishing 4th, just outside the World Cup and World Champion podiums, she continued to make improvements and grow as an athlete. 

After her two first years in the category, she got the opportunity to join the GHOST FACTORY RACING TEAM, which undoubtedly was a great chance to develop even more and start her life as a full-time bike rider. "I can't wait for 2017 to start. I'm super excited to be a part of the team and continue this incredible journey. They have a mindset I like and a great spirit" Malene explains.   


Besides racing and travelling around the world with her bike, Malene enjoys a good cup of coffee in great company, laughing with her friends and doing creative projects.   


One thing Malene never forgets is why she started with this sport. It's the most fun, ever. That’s a big part of what's drives her. "I aspire to get better every day, and I enjoy the progress as much as the achievements - always keeping it fun"



5. World Championship, U23


4. World Championship, U23

4. Worldcup, Albstadt, U23