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Birthday: 09.01.2010

Nationality: German

Height: 158 cm

Weight: 45 kg

Hobbies: MTB, road cycling, cross country skiing, skitouring

Lina's mentor: Nicole Koller

Instagram: @linabaldaufmtb


Lina has been a cycling enthusiast from an early age. It all started at the age of 2 ¾ with a mini wheel.

"At the age of 5, I was finally allowed to ride my first race, which I also won. This 1st place was my eagerly awaited ticket to join an MTB group of SG Simmerberg, my local club."

"I live in the West Allgäu and there are a lot of varied routes to ride here, also with the road bike. In winter, I enjoy cross-country skiing and touring a lot".

In the beginning, Lina also competed in alpine skiing in addition to MTB and cross-country skiing, where she was also very successful. "On holidays with my parents, I already rode a lot of great MTB trails and road bike passes, especially the ones in France.

In general, outdoor sports give me a lot, so I'm really happy to be a team member now. I want to progress with the Ghost Junior Racing Team, gain experience, laugh, celebrate victories with you and even if things don't go so well, always take something positive from it!"

"I gfrei mi! - I'm so happy!"

1st Swabian Championship XCO

1st Bavarian Championship XCO

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