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Luca Tämmerich

Date of birth: 10.11.2006

Nationality: German

Height: 158 cm

Weight: 48 kg

Hobbies: scooter, enduro, trail bike

Luca's mentor: Nicole Koller

Instagram: @lu_ca.t06


The wind surfing mountain biker

Luca started mountain bike riding very early on. He rode his first race at the age of 8. His passion in childhood was always mountain biking and soccer, but at some point he decided to go all out for cycling. Luca also loves to ride Enduro, no jump is too high, no descent too steep because what he really loves is the challenge.

What makes Luca special is his enormous willpower, If he wants to learn something, be it a jump or a trick on the bike, he keeps at it until he can master it. Another great passion of his is windsurfing.

Luca already has some good results to show: At the German Championships in the U15 category, he took 4th place, and at the Bavarian Championships he finished in third place.

“I hope that we will be allowed to do some more races this year, despite the difficult time. I’m really looking forward to working with the team.”

Luca's greatest success

4th German Championship

Luca Tämmerich GHOST Junior Team
Luca Tämmerich GHOST Junior Team
GHOST Junior Team
ghost bikes junior team


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