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They are World Champions, record-setters and best in their class.  Our GHOST Factory co-pilots:  They ride their bikes to guide, in the pit lane, for recreational exercise or in their competitions.

They ride GHOST mountain bikes, GHOST E-bikes or GHOST road bikes. For work or pleasure, their motto is: get on the bike and go!

News & Results

Tough race for the GHOST Racing Riot Team Enduro World Series in Frankreich

Technically challenging stages, a lot of rain and strong competition made for a tough Enduro World Series race in Millau, France, for GHOST Racing Rio team riders Franziska Meyer, Kevin Maderegger, and Michal Prokop. Given how it all went down, the riders have every right to be very proud of the final result.

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One weekend, two races, two riders, two top results

The GHOST Racing Riot Enduro Team went their separate ways this weekend. Franzi Meyer decided to attend the Enduro Jura in France, while Michal Prokop rode another Czech Enduro Series race in Liberec, Czech Republic.

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