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Franziska Meyer

Date of birth: 02/06/1991 

Nationality: German 

Height: 175 cm 

Weight: 62 kg 

Hobbies: biking, climbing, slacklining, skiing 

Social media: https://www.facebook.com/franziska.meyer.568

Instagram: @flying_franzi

Because riding horses downhill is boring

Franzi got on a mountain bike for the first time because her father was so keen on it. What she wanted most was to get back to the horses. After the first tours and lots of grumbling her ambition grew and she began to train hard . A year later she contested her first races and there was a new bike in the garage rather than a horse in the stable. However, it quickly became clear that Franzi enjoyed downhill more than uphill . The lack of an intermediate discipline resulted in her switch to downhill. Her motivation and anticipation was so great that she signed up for her first race before she bought her first downhill bike and her first race was therefore her third time on her new bike. The first season (2013), while she was still an amateur, brought with it almost exclusively first places and an overall victory in the German Downhill Cup. Her next season, now as a professional, brought with it her next overall victory as well as her first enduro race and her first places in that discipline too.

In 2015 her focus was entirely on enduro. The German Championship and participation at the first Enduro World Series were the highlights of the season. The lowpoint was breaking her collarbone in training. This was an annoying break in the middle of the season, but it healed again very quickly. Biking in warm climates is always on the winter agenda, when enjoys descents of over 2000 m during her work as a bike guide in La Palma or a tour of New Zealand. Her main goal is to be on the bike as much as possible while the conditions in her home country are poor. “I’m very much looking forward to the upcoming season with Ghost and the new Factory Racing Riot Team”, she says. “I liked our bike, the new PathRiot, from the first moment and it's the perfect weapon for the races ahead: it’s super-lightweight and has lots of travel in reserve. Ghost has a lot of experience from the XC and Downhill team, which have been together for a number of year now and will be able to provide fantastic support for the Enduro team.”

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Major successes

First place German Championships Enduro 

“Normally, I'm always taming the downhill trails with the PathRiot. But the DRE AMR X is simply a cool machine! Incredibly well designed, light where it should be light, and awesome performance with the Cane Creek steel coil shocks! Telescopic support with comfortable saddle, easily adjustable fork and a drive train you can’t fault. The perfect match for my racing machine!”