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Kevin Maderegger

Date of birth: 20/09/1997

Nationality: Austrian

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 71 kg

Hobbies: food, off-piste skiing, moto trialling, slacklining, music, cooking

Social media: www.facebook.com/kevin.maderegger

The young gun

The young Salzburg native laid all the important foundations in his early years. He comes from a very athletic family. He was on skis at the age of 2. His parents are ski instructors in his home town and they soon awakened his love of a competitive atmosphere. At the beginning he focused entirely on skiing and worked his way into the squad, but it wasn’t enough. “What do I do in summer”, he asked himself. He didn’t want to roast on the glacier in July and he wasn’t interested in football, so at the age of 6 he joined MTB Club Koppl in the neighbouring town. At the beginning his mountaineering boots were part of his standard equipment. He was always one of the youngest in his training group and was therefore never bored. Because his ambition was just as great in summer as in winter, he won several state cross-country championships. Later, he was called up to the national team, twice took part in the Junior European Championships and competed in the Junior World Series.

At the age of 8, Kevin started his first triathlon. “After my first training session, I said to myself I should take part in a competition”, he explains. And he did so. He also here he celebrated many successes here. Triathlon training (swim - bike - run) also awakened his desire to participate in running events. It was a lot of fun, but the young athlete knew that the older you get, the more you have to train if you want constant improvement. 4 competition disciplines are too much. The decision wasn’t easy: after months of consideration, he decided on mountainbiking, initially cross-country.

Despite this, he gained experience in 4X, trial, eliminator and marathon events. Kevin is regarded as the most skilled rider on the cross-country circuit. For 2 years he rode for Radsport Angerer, a local bike shop, which supplied him with gear. And it is worth mentioning his education: He went to his local primary school, then spent 4 years at secondary school in Salzburg (general sport [swimming, athletics, gymnastics]), after which he made it into the coveted SSM, another secondary school in Salzburg, which offers substantial support for athletes. 

He will finish his schooling here in 2017. At the end of August 2014 he got his first full-suspension bike: a 160 mm Enduro, solid aluminium frame with standard equipment, weighing in at a strapping 15 kg. The reason was that he loves technical passages - both uphill and downhill - and simply wanted to have fun and improve his technique with the Enduro bike. In September (on his birthday) he took part in the SSES race in Leogang. He enjoyed it from the very start and finished in the top 20. In 2015 he was catapulted into third place at the Enduro World Championships in Kirchberg, securing a bronze medal in the Juniors for Austria. As he continued to spend more time on his new full-suspension, his true passion became more clear: “I cycle uphill so that I can race down a great trail and not the other way around.” Essentially, it had always been this way for him, but from this point on, he knew what he really wanted.

So Kevin had a divided race season: half XCO, half Enduro. He returned as winner of the following 3 Enduro European Cups, which was unbelievable even for him. The crowning achievement was being named Overall Champion of the European Enduro series.

“Ghost always does impressive work - above all they work with passion and that is the foundation of success!”, he says. “I got to know about them through the rrp team and through Lisi Osl in my cross-country time.”

“I took a look behind the scenes and saw the work that really goes into these fantastic parts and this team”, he continues. “I’m convinced that we’ll have an awesome year in 2016 and that we’ll continue to develop together.”

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"When I'm not off competing in endurance races there's hardly anything that keeps me from letting loose in the bike park. The FR AMR is perfect for that, a superbly built chassis, brilliant parts, Fantastic! The stiff main frame and slightly flexing rear can cope with occasional rough impacts and the brake shaft also takes everything in its stride.”