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Tobias Müller

Date of birth: 02/10/1992

Nationality: German

Height: 182 cm

Weight: 79 kg

Hobbies: cars, golf, family

Social media: https://www.facebook.com/tobi.muller.96780

There's no off-season

Tobi Müller is the secret weapon on the team – but only as far as Enduro sports is concerned. The young Allgäu native is one of the most successful German winter athletes and a six-time Telemark World Champion. He came to Enduro more out of fun than anything else: “Enduro races are the perfect preparation for my winter season – and my coach agrees”, he says. “I think I've got too much energy to compete professionally for only half the year”.

The military sports recruit is looking forward to t he new challenge: “When I’m skiing I need to take care of my equipment myself. In the summer I have a technician now who does a more than perfect job and takes a big load off my shoulders, which makes everything so much easier for me. I’m positive that given these circumstances I’ll be able to demonstrate my full potential.” Having posted the best stage times at the German Championships, he has already demonstrated that he is clearly in the running for podium finishes. 

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"I’m usually either standing on telemark skis or doing endurance races with the PathRiot . I'm all about uncompromising propulsion, I want to convert each pedal rotation into acceleration. Direct feedback, precision, that’s what matters to me. That’s why I usually also use the RIOT for training sessions. It doesn’t have quite as much travel as the racing machine, but is designed to be just as uncompromising. It’s a real weapon with huge potential!”