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With European Championship medals in the bag, team off to the World Cup in Canada - Anne Terpstra tops her season’s best performance yet again

Energized by two European Championship medals, the GHOST Factory Racing Team traveled to the World Cup race in Mont Sainte-Anne, Canada, and was able to put down more great results. Malene Degn delivered another TOP10 result in the U23 category and Anne Terpstra topped her season’s best World Cup result yet again. After finishing in 19th and 17th...

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Malene Degn und Anne Terpstra confirm their great form

The UCI Mountain Bike World Cup took place in Lenzerheide last weekend. The GHOST Factory Racing trio Malene Degn, Anne Terpstra and Lisi Osl were able to continue last week’s streak of great results by finishing in 7th, 17th and 21st place this week.



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Tough race for the GHOST Racing Riot Team Enduro World Series in Frankreich

Technically challenging stages, a lot of rain and strong competition made for a tough Enduro World Series race in Millau, France, for GHOST Racing Rio team riders Franziska Meyer, Kevin Maderegger, and Michal Prokop. Given how it all went down, the riders have every right to be very proud of the final result.

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Malene Degn in 6th place with best World Cup result - Anne Terpstra back in the TOP 20 after 2 years

At the third World Cup event, the GHOST Factory Racing Team was able to put down their best result of the season. Malene Degn fought for her best result so far and got rewarded with a 6th place finish. Her teammates followed suit in the Elite race. Lisi Osl finished in 22nd place, her best performance of the season, and Anne Terpstra, for the first...

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Successful weekend for the GHOST Factory Racing Team

Anne Terpstra and Alexandra Engen cleaned house at the Bundeliga race in Wombach. Things went equally well in Upper Austria for the GHOST Factory Racing Team. Lisi Osl claimed victory at the women's C1 race, while Lisa Pasteiner was thrilled about her second place in the Junior's category.

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One weekend, two races, two riders, two top results

The GHOST Racing Riot Enduro Team went their separate ways this weekend. Franzi Meyer decided to attend the Enduro Jura in France, while Michal Prokop rode another Czech Enduro Series race in Liberec, Czech Republic.

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GHOST triumphant at first Sea Otter Europe on Costa Brava Coast in Spain

Pentecost holidays in Bavaria: What better way to spend the holidays than with a little get-away to sunny Northern Spain? It would be easy to classify the trip as a Pentecost holiday trip to the Costa Brava, but it was, in fact, a trip of purely professional nature. The GHOST Racing RIOT Team competed in a history-making event last weekend.

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World Cup opener in Nové Mesto na Morave

The GHOST Factory Racing Team can look back to a successful World Cup opener. In the Elite race, Alexandra Engen and Anne Terpstra were able to give a convincing performance finishing in 13th and 23th place. After a thrilling race on Sunday, Malene Degn came in in seventh place with a podium finish within her reach. On Friday, Junior Lisa Pasteiner...

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Victories for Alexandra Engen and Anne Terpstra, Top10 for Lisi Osl

Over the last few weekends, athletes of the GHOST Factory Racing Team prepared for the upcoming World Cup by participating in various competitions. Alexandra Engen was able to walk away as the winner two weekends in a row. On Sunday, Anne Terpstra won the MTB- Bundesliga event, taking place in Gedern for the first time ever, while Lisi Osl made it...

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Keep your eyes wide open: victory at a slightly different Enduro race

Last weekend, “Blinduro” took place at the Czech home of GHOST Racing RIOT team’s Michal Prokop.

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