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Tomas Slavik - Wave

From game to reality and back. Biker and world champion Tomáš Slavík is the hero of an unusual video.

The historical center of Prague, the Czech capital, and one of the best bikers in the world at incredible speed. Tomas jumps down the stairs and it seems he is just trying to escape. The world champion and king of city street downhills, Tomas Slavik, can barely make it through the checkpoint and… Welcome to the Wave project, which combines the art of cycling with masterful digital effects. Of course, in the end, everything will turn out well. Slavik, the 33-year-old Czech rider who is dominating the cycling world, is virtually moved to a new level - on the JBC 4X Revelations track in Jablonec nad Nisou, where another adventure begins. And this is exactly what is characteristic for the organizer of the - now legendary - World Cup stop JBC 4X Revelations. He is unstoppable. He concentrates on himself and his performance no matter what happens around.

"I think every rider needs to have a special “fire” within to help him boost himself when it is hard to get out of the comfort zone. When I'm on a bike, all I care about is my ride, I am thriving to do the best. I am always hungry to ride, to perform. Every race is like a game: I try to complete and win. Regardless of what is happening around," Slavik describes his attitude. "City street downhills are my discipline and it has always been my dream to experience a downhill in the streets of old Prague. Surely shooting was not a race, but the opportunity to ride a bike under Prague Castle, Nerudovka, and other places were amazing, ” says Slavik who was really excited to ride in the capital city.

Despite years of experience, Slavik's performance in the Wave project was new and unconventional for him in many ways. “Filming in Prague was really demanding. There were some technically difficult jumps and parts. Additionally, we filmed at night time, and the GPS showed me that I had ridden about thirty-five kilometers at full speed in one shooting night. I felt like I am not even able to make it home.” B

ut the main protagonist certainly was not the only one who worked hard. The video is full of amazing sports moments, but the unique project is backed by an incredible amount of production work - three days of filming in Prague's streets from a special car with an extensive crew, several days in the Jablonec bike park, a lot of time in the studio and hardly incredible 1000 hours of post-production work for project creator Vitek Kratochvile.


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