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Slavik rocks War Horse Urban DH in China

Tomas Slavik was taking part in the first ever urban DH race in China called “WAR HORSE URBAN DH 2018”. The “9 Squares” mall in Shenzhen hosted the exciting track, the high professional organized event was covered by live stream. Even though Slavik was looking really fast, he had a hard crash during seeding run and hurt his leg, but decided to give it go. He did a mistakes free, super-fast run and he was able to bring home the win. 



“Coming to China, I didn’t know what to except. We actually didn’t know much about the track and the area, but after consulting with the track builders I decided to take my short travel GHOST RIOT, which was kind of a little bit risky move, but it worked perfectly. That bike was flying on the track.

So I felt pretty good, but unfortunately I had technical problems during my seeding run and crashed hard already on the first jump, flying out of the track through fences and thought it was all over. My first feeling was that my tibia is broken, but luckily it came up that it’s just really bruised and muscles sored. We brought tons of ice and decided to give it a try for the final run.


The pain was sometimes over the limit, but I did a nice run, with lot of flow and no mistakes and took the win!


This win is very special to me, because it was a really rough day and I wouldn’t expect to stay on the top of the box at the end of the day. I was so stoked and cannot thank enough to all my friends, riders and organizers who helped me to get back on my feet and to fix my bike. Truly proud the way it works in the MTB community where we are all friends and really proud to be part of it. Thank you guys! Big up goes to the organizers who brought an exciting MTB show to China, took care of us and made our stay in China unforgettable - Thank you :)”

Next race coming is Down Taxco in Mexico, which is one of the hardest urban races. Slavik is skipping Columbia next week to recover a bit from the crash and to be ready in full speed for Taxco. Get well soon, buddy!



Tomas Slavik GoPro winning run:




Tomas Slavik LIVE stream final run:




Photos by War Horse Urban DH Race

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