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Two podium finishes at the Enduro race at Lake Garda

Last weekend, the GHOST Factory Racing Enduro Team demonstrated their skill at the first competition of the year by finishing on the podium twice. Both Franziska Meyer and Michal Prokop finished the competition in second place and were happy with the result.

After an extensive week of testing in South Tyrol, the team was able to transfer the knowledge and experience gained straight to the race track, and rode their first successful competition with the new components.

The team spent time in April to familiarize themselves with the new components, and everyone was enthusiastic about the completely newly developed CaneCreek HELM suspension fork and the perfectly tuned steel coil dampers. The extensive week of testing in South Tyrol was the perfect opportunity to carry out important calibration work. Each rider was also able to find their perfect individual set-up and had time to get used to the new equipment before heading to the first joint competition together. The North Lake Enduro competition at Lake Garda awaited the riders with difficult conditions once again. The competition is set out as a one-day race. The rain during the previous week did its damage and transformed the rocky ground into an unpredictable obstacle. On race day, the weather in Trentino was dry and sunny – which meant increasingly higher speeds were possible, due to which many riders had to pay their dues with crashes and technical issues. The riders had to make it through a 1400 meter elevation profile, and used the uphill sections as a welcome warm-up phase. The five stages led the athletes from Brentonico on the North face of Monte Altissimo across world-renowned trails like 601, Skull Trail to Busatte above Torbole.

Just like last year, Tobi Müller started his season with a slight delay because the Telemark professional’s winter season is packed with competitions up to the very end. Tobi won the overall World Cup again in the winter and also secured the World Champion’s title. But the transition from winter to summer poses a difficult situation for him: the lack of routine on the mountain bike. Despite all this, the guy from the Allgäu region did remarkably well and made it into the TOP 10. Now, Tobi is all about getting used to his other sports equipment as quickly as possible: “The transition at the beginning of the biking season always takes a few days. Up until last weekend, I was still participating in skiing competitions, and that’s why I will probably need one or two more bike races before I can place among the very top. But testing has helped me a lot and I am looking forward to the upcoming events.”

While Kevin Maderegger was not able to compete due to his high school graduation finals, Franzi Meyer finished in second place: “I noticed clearly where my physical weaknesses regarding my conditioning are and where I lose time. I am confident that I can significantly improve in these areas. Otherwise, this was an outstanding test under race conditions of the new equipment. It is all about fine tuning now. Next week, it is off to Michals’s ‘Blinduro’ ”.

This week was no exception when it came to multiple 4X World Champion Michal Prokop. He proved once again that he is the sure bet. After coming in first last year, he was happy about finishing second behind Enduro World Champion Jerome Clementz this year: “It is good to kick off the season with a good feeling. We changed a lot of things over the winter and I am thrilled to see that it all worked out so nicely and that I feel really at ease with the bike and the equipment. The team and our mechanic did a great job and supplied us with top-notch bikes. The new CaneCreek suspension works sensationally well at the damper and with the totally new HELM fork as well.”

Next week, the team will travel together to participate at the competition, which has been organized by their Czech teammates. What makes the “Blinduro” two-day event special is the fact that the riders ride the Enduro stages without having previously trained on them. Even though Michal will not be able to compete himself, the team is excited to take on this new event together.

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