It's all about the "e".

“Ernsthaft” means “serious” in German and that is what the “e” is all about. With the HybRide SL AMR (X), GHOST developed two eMTBs which mean serious business when it comes to performance uphill biking in challenging terrain.

Most e-mountainbikes on the market are like friends who backpedal as soon as growing a moustache or the long talked about bike trip to Mexico gets serious: wishy-washy killjoys.

Let’s be honest: MTB and eMTB are two totally different sports.

While proven MTB geometries still work well for downhill, motorized uphill in challenging terrain requires serious rethinking.


With the HybRide SL AMR and the HybRide SL AMR X, GHOST is launching two e-full-suspension bikes which mean serious business with regards to motorized terrain biking.


From the first stroke during the frame design process to the last component selection, these bikes have been developed to make their riders feel safe and confident in terrain.

It starts with the low bottom bracket: in difficult sections, the distance from the foot on the pedal to the ground is extra short. This was accomplished using especially short cranks specifically manufactured for eMTBs. HybRide SL AMR X frames feature 155 mm cranks, HybRide SL AMR frames feature 160 mm cranks.

These trailblazing bikes are topped off with various wheelset size combinations:

In the front, a 29” wheel with minimal rolling resistance and optimum steering precision increases the rider’s confidence, while a robust 27.5” wheel with a Plus tire in the back brings the power of the motor directly onto the ground.


Any eMTB pilot’s archenemy has always been front wheel lift-off:

In order to prevent the bike from shaking off its rider, even on extreme slopes, the HybRide SL AMR models feature steep seat tube angles and fully adjustable forks.

The uncomplicated steel coil spring shock also ensures that the suspension doesn’t bottom out, contributing significantly to the rider’s control of the bike in any situation.

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