Get to know Marika Tovo

GHOST Factory Racing Team 2019

The GHOST Factory Racing Team has high goals for 2019. Continuing where 2018 ended, for example. But of course, there are some news for 2019. Marika Tovo joins the ladies cross country team. A young woman who called attention last year while standing on the podium together with now-team mate Sina Frei. We are happy to announce her joining the team.

Marika Tovo




Birthday: 13th May 1999

Living in: Montebello Vicentino, Italien 

Height: 166 cm

Weight: 55 kg

Instagram: marika_tovo

Facebook: Marika Tovo

Hobbies: Family, Singing, my pets, watching Nextflix

Interview with Marika



Who is Marika Tovo? Where do you come from? Where are you currently living?

Marika Tovo is positive and funny girl, sometimes moody but always with a smile on the lips. I'm Italian, precisely from Montebello Vicentino, that’s in the Province of Vicenza.

When did you become a professional athlete? How did that happen?

I will become a professional athlete from 2019 on. At the World Cup in Val di Sole last year, we met for the first time as their interest towards me had increased. And here I am.

What are your big goals? And the small ones?

My big goals are achieving good results at the World and European Championships, and my dream is to participate in the Olympics. My small goals, even if they are not so small, are to always be humble and always give the best in everything I do.

Who are your idols?

My idol is Jolanda Neff. I admire her technique and I love seeing her pedaling, she is also a very pretty girl and connects multidisciplinary with elegance and simplicity.

What are your strengths in mountain biking?

I don't know exactly what my strengths are, but I would say that I'm pretty good at climbing and my weak point is definitely the starting.

The new generation.


Marika belongs to the new generation of Cross Country. You can definitely expect something from her, especially now as she has professional support for the next two years. 


What makes a good cross country track?

A good track must include technical parts, climbs, descents with rocks and roots, such as Nove Mesto. In my opinion, it is the perfect course.

Do you like to ride your bike in the rain?

No, I hate rain and cold, so usually if it rains or it’s too cold, or both, I prefer to stay at home and practice indoor.

Which location would you recommend for a bike ride?

Switzerland is the best place for MTB because you can find anything there: technical climbs and descends, pump tracks, etc... I personally like to ride in my local hills. They're not too high with 300 meters of altitude max, but good enough for cross country.

Which was your first race?

Alpago 2012.

What is your first impression of your new team?

The first impression was immediately positive because I was well accepted in the team as if I was always part of it. The girls are very nice and know how to make me feel at ease.

How do you prepare for the new season?

I have two days a week of total rest, then the other days I alternate between gym and bike, sometimes road bike and sometimes mountain bike, depending on the program prepared by my trainer.

Which bike do you use?


Do you also ride Downhill?

No, I have never tried.

What no one has known about you until now?




"Perhaps few know that I'm a vegetarian and I love animals, and this is a very important value for me. On the other hand, there is always something to discover in people, just wait for it."



What was your best moment on the bike so far?

When I finished third at the World Championships at my first year in the under 23 category, a unique feeling.

Is there also a life besides the sport?

Of course: I have a boyfriend and a great family, and on special days, we gather with all our relatives. I also have many friends besides the bike. If we want to go to the cinema or bowling or anything else, we just do it.

What would you do if you weren't a professional athlete?

I would probably do sports anyway because I always loved being an active girl, and I've always done sport since I was 4 years old including 7 years of basketball.

How do people react when you tell them that you're a professional athlete?

There is no specific reaction, but I don't want to brag about it: I like to be a simple and positive person as I have always been.

What advice would you give to young cyclists who are looking for a sponsor and want to get to professional level?

Never give up, but don't overdo it. Anyway, this is a wonderful sport to practice as an amateur, just have fun and then if there is an opportunity to compete as a professional, it will add an extra value.


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