News / GHOST Gravity athlete Hannes Slavik in the IXS Dirtmasters

GHOST Gravity athlete Hannes Slavik in the IXS Dirtmasters

Our GHOST Gravity athlete Hannes Slavik took part in the IXS Dirtmasters last weekend:

“After the successful last events I really looked forward to the IXS Dirtmasters and the first stop of the 4x Pro Tour. During the last years I have always been first or second in qualifying and many times on the podium. I know how to be fast on such tracks and it was nice to be back at the 4 man gate. I simply felt great, fast and didn’t give away a single holeshot during the gate practice - i was more than ready for some race action. During one of my last gates before the Qualification was about to start, my chain snapped and I went over my handlebars head first into the ground. My gloves tore, so I lost some skin on my hands and fingers there. I needed a few minutes until I could breathe “normally” and my Bike was totally damaged - broken carbon bar, brakes and shifter. There is simply so much force we put into our first pedal strokes, that things go horrible wrong, when a chain snaps. Most painful has been my right shoulder. I could nearly move it all around, but the pain was back-breaking. I could not hold my helmet in my right hand, some movements just did not work (touching my left shoulder – still very painful). Riding corners or doing a snap out of the gate simply has not been possible. So no racing for my at the Dirtmasters Event… I am happy that the hospital didn’t find any fractures. Next week, the 2nd stop from the 4x Pro Tour takes place in Poland. Now, two days later, it feels way better (perhaps because of the pain killers I got), but right now I can only hope that things change magically, because otherwise racing in Poland will be a problem.”


Foto © Naima Wieczorreck Fotografie

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