News / HybRide SL AMR X wins Design & Innovation Award 2019

HybRide SL AMR X wins Design & Innovation Award 2019

Great news! The new year is not even ten days old as the first pleasing test result flutters in. Our HybRide SL AMR X continues exactly where it stopped in 2018: it proves itself on the trail and wins the renowned Design & Innovation Award 2019. Applause for our award-winning e-mountain bike!


The 30-strong team of the Design & Innovation Award 2019 has once again put full effort to this year’s procedure and extensively tested numerous bike products to find out where the true innovations of the bike industry lie. Their mission: select the actual stars from the blenders. A DI.A awarded product is considered outstanding. So today we proudly announce that our HybRide SL AMR X S 7.7+ LC has left a lasting impression on the jury and won the Design & Innovation Award 2019. It is considered as one of the absolute product highlights in the e-mountain bike sector.

Here is the summary of the testers:

"Many eMTBs are designed for comfort rather than fun, although the components and long travel suspension are more than capable enough. Not the GHOST HybRide SL AMR X S7.7+ LC! The GHOST HybRide SL AMR X is a machine for ambitious and aggressive riders in the market for a powerful eMTB for demanding tracks. The light carbon frame is a feast for the eyes, helping to bring the weight of the bike to a total of only 21.2 kg, despite the burly spec. With its mixed wheel sizes and coil shock, the GHOST HybRide SL AMR X doesn’t flinch at the roughest of trails, though it demands an active riding style and good riding technique. This carefully considered concept provides for outstanding handling in rough terrain – advanced eMTB riders are sure to get their money’s worth!"

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