Homestory Anne Terpstra

An intimate portrait of the Dutch cross country star

Born in the Dutch town of Zierikzee, Anne Terpstra’s journey to becoming one of the world’s fastest mountain bikers is quite remarkable. A hobby which started with her brother, Rien Terpstra, led them on a journey neither of them could have imagined.

Where it all started

It was Rien who started mountain biking with Anne growing jealous within weeks and joining her brother soon after that on her very own mountain bike. Two weeks later, she started her first race. For Rien and Anne, it meant sharing a big part of their lives together. Travelling, training, doing everything together. The two grew fond of mountain biking. It became a way of life.


After spending years together, their lives led them on separate paths. Rien stopped racing and joined the military, while Anne continued racing World Cups. In 2016, she joined Ghost Factory Racing where she grew farther then many of us could have ever imagined. In her first ever World Cup race, she finished 45 minutes after the winner. In 2019, Anne rode to her first World Cup victory in Andorra.

"I can be happy with another result as winning now. What is left is just riding my bike."


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