Since the beginning of the year Caroline Bohé enriches the GHOST Factory Racing Team. The young Dane comes from a true cycling family. When Caroline rode her first mountain bike race, she was immediately hooked on the sport: "I was always the small, shy girl when it came to road cycling, but mountain biking has awakened my confidence." We visited her and her family in Hillerød, Denmark, to learn more about the 21-year-old.

At 21 years of age, Caroline Bohé from Denmark has spent the last seven years on the mountain bike. Cycling has been in her life right from the start as her parents Peter and Iben and her brother, Frederik, were all ambitious road cyclists. Her mom, Iben, won a bronze and silver medal in the elite category at the age of 40. Caroline started in road cycling, but switched to mountain biking seven years ago. It ignited the confidence levels of the shy Danish girl.

Peter Bohé: “She had a hard time in the beginning. She had to be a fighter, she just had to put in a bit more than everyone else. It’s not for fame or something else. It is for herself. The feeling of having done all she can. “


That attitude saw her finish in 3rd during the European Championships Cross Country. It made her realize she could actually reach the top. “Even though I was shy, I always wanted to get better. Why I want to be the best? I don’t know, I like to win. If you want to be the best, you just have to get better. I like the hard work. That might just be the best part of it. “

As her young career progressed, so did her results. Three top five results in the U23 World Cup and top ten results in both the World Championships and European Championships underline her strive.

Frederik Bohé: “We sort of had the same dreams. I am so happy that she is still pursuing that ultimate goal. It’s great to see her evolve as a rider and a person. “

For now, Caroline Bohé is recovering from a broken collarbone. In an already strange season with a rampant COVID-19 pandemic, she’s not shaken. “Look where I am today. I have done the right things. I just have to keep doing what I’m doing. I have to trust the process. Of course I have dreams, although I might not say them out loud. “

As for what these dreams are, Frederik’s words tell it all. “She is not satisfied with just being good. She wants to be the best.” Her family’s stories tell a striking tale. She might be careful with her words, but do not mistake that for a lenient attitude. On a jar, next to her bed, inconspicuously lies an old Olympic badge. Her great grandfather Henri Thorsen brought it home, after participating in the 1924 Olympic Games in Paris. After listening to Caroline’s ambitions, her grandma gifted her the pin.


Paris, 2024. A family legacy.


Photos by Attention Builders.

Video by Lars Veenstra.


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