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Where power meets control

We at GHOST are introducing a new era of bicycle design and saying good-bye to traditional development methods. Starting immediately, we utilize a specially developed algorithm to holistically calculate our so-called “from-rider-to-bike-geometries”. This algorithm is called SuperFit.

Big Data makes the difference

The creation of the perfect geometry




SuperFit is based on more than 100,000 anonymous data sets from scientific studies of the human body. From this data, we create rider profiles and averages, which we incorporate into a specially developed algorithm. This algorithm calculates the ideal position for each rider and rider style, taking into account biomechanical and ergonomic findings.


Through this combination of big data and science, we achieve the perfect fit for our bikes - the SuperFit. Based on the human being and its proportions, we calculate the optimal riding position on the bike. This "from-rider-to-bike" design approach differs from conventional methods, because humans are at the heart of the calculation. This way we can make sure that our SuperFit bikes fit almost every rider perfectly.

We know you better than you do

For each rider the perfect frame size


With the SuperFit size finder, everyone between 156 and 196 cm will find the perfect bike. If you lie exactly between two frame sizes, just measure your inner leg length. It ultimately decides on the perfect size - and you decide on color and equipment. 

You can only smile about fatigue



The SuperFit algorithm incorporates ergonomic aspects into its calculations. They ensure the optimal rider’s position on the bike, with which you can move painlessly and without fatigue on the bike.  

A geometry that fits everyone



With a SuperFit bike, you always have everything under control, whether you're doing relaxed tours or tough races. Each SuperFit bike stands for its own riding style – and that is tour, trail or race. It's up to you whether you prefer to be comfortable, sporty or aggressive on the trail.  

When everything comes together



Our developers have done everything right so you can let it go - the power will get where it should be. The power level of each SuperFit bike defines the area below the rider's waist and remains the same, regardless of the purpose of the bike. The leg pedals in the best possible position, your power is optimally transferred to the bike.  

Instead of elaborate bike fittings, you only need two tools.



The Y-tool can be used to adjust the last small steps, such as the angle of the handlebars or the position of the brake levers.

Saddle Tool


With the saddle tool, which includes measuring tape and water scale, you can measure perfectly in which position, height and angle the saddle should be.

Now find your SuperFit bike.

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