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Like all the team’s staff members, Sebastian uses every free second of his time to get on the bike. His passion ranges from road bikes to downhills. His own experiences benefit his work perfectly.

At the moment, he is employed by a physiotherapeutic institution in Freiburg, specializing in training and therapy. In order not to lose touch with professional sports, he joined the GHOST Factory Racing Team in 2012, and since then accompanies the team to various competitions. He is our first “go-to” guy for orthopedic problems and other trauma.

Sebastian Knauff lives and works in the most beautiful city of Germany. Many say that about their hometowns, but undisputedly, Freiburg is THE town for cycling athletes in Germany, and is also home to many other mountain bikers.

Sebastian worked at the Olympic Training Center in Freiburg for several years. Being in such close proximity to numerous elite athletes gave him the opportunity to combine his passion for cycling with his professional life.  


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