Shortly before his victory as world champion in 4X, we visited Tomas Slavík in his home country, the Czech Republic,

and revisited his story with him.

Have fun following along!

When he was just 5 years old, Tomas sat on a BMX for the first time. His mother was looking for a sport that would allow the hyperactive boy to exhaust his boundless energy, and have fun at the same time. It soon turned out that she made the right choice with BMX: after his first training session Tomas already knew that it was exactly what he wanted to do. In his favorite movie at the time, E.T., there is a scene where aliens ride BMX and do cool tricks - that impressed Tomas. So it was obvious that the young Czech would stay with BMX riding.

As Tom grew up, living with his mom Dana, money was scarce. She was determined to provide her kids with everything they desired and she knew how to motivate Tom.  If Tom wanted to be the best in the world, she would be the one to help him get there. It was this attitude which got Tom that bike from the USA he so desired, after getting a good result in the European Championships. For Tom this motivation was all he needed to go for it.

Tom: 'At that time there was no internet, but if it would be there I would have spent all day just searching for the best bike. At that time I browsed every  catalogue and magazine there was. For me, I just said 'I want THIS bike'. That was such a huge motivation.'

Tomas' mom kept her word and got Tom's dream bike. Years of training followed as Tom grew stronger and stronger, supported by his mother in every way possible. Hedvika Mikesova (Tomas' girlfriend): 'She gave her personal life to Tomás. All the money she earned she invested in bikes and his racing. She did a lot of work in order for him to get where he is today. She's an amazing lady.'

For Tomas these sacrifices his mom made mean the world to him. 'This is not about my career, it is about my life. It was simply the most important thing for my life. Without her I would not be her. Her influence is a big deal.'

In his career Tom's won it all, in multiple disciplines. From freeride events to 4X, from city downhills to BMX. In 2021 he added another world championships title to his long list of wins, besting his opponents in the 4x finals in Val di Sole. Motivated as always.


'Even though I'm 34 years old, I'm still this little kid who's doing stupid things. But I really enjoy every second on the track.'

Dana Saldova:

'It was worth it. I loved racing with you. I loved that race rush where everyone is cheering and everyone just lives for that moment. Then we'd come back to Brno where I had to work and travel to work. I didn't like that. I love to go to races with you.'

Today at 34, Tomas is still a kid at heart and still shares his love for biking today just as he did then. Together with his dog Black, Tomas trains in his own backyard and in the adjacent forest, and is very successful at that! He crowned his countless medals in August 2021, two weeks after the end of filming his home story, with the 4X World Champion title.

<Right up front? Mama Dana, of course.</p>



Photos: Attention Builders
Video: Lars Veenstra


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