Make Your Bike Winter-Ready: Practical Tips for E-Bikes and Mountain Bikes

Get your GHOST mountain bike or e-bike ready for winter! Practical tips for maintenance, cleaning, and storage – perfectly prepared for the cold season.

Get your Bike ready for the winter season!

Winter is coming, and it's time to get your bike ready for the cold days. Especially if you're giving the trails a break for now, it's important to give your bike some extra care. Whether it's a full-suspension or a hardtail – you'll surely want to jump back on your bike at the first rays of spring sunshine. Pay special attention to e-bikes and e-MTBs when winter-proofing them. That's why we've got some easy-breezy tips and practical advice for you on how to optimally prepare your mountain bike or e-bike for the winter break. We cover everything – from maintenance of wear parts to clever storage solutions in winter when space is limited.

How to Winter-Proof Your Mountain Bike

Start with a thorough wash to get rid of the dirt from your last trails and rides. This also ensures that no rust sets in. Be careful when washing your bike to avoid scratching this gem. If you use cleaning agents – then please use bike-specific cleaners or just warm water. Sponges or microfiber cloths are gentle on the paint – but still get rid of the mud residues perfectly! Pay special attention to hidden areas like the bottom bracket and the hubs, as these are places where dirt likes to accumulate. For heavy soiling, high-pressure cleaners can be useful. But be especially careful with them - because they can damage the sensitive parts of your bike. Therefore, use cleaning equipment that is also intended for cleaning a bicycle. With an e-bike, you should also make sure that electronic contacts stay as dry as possible.

Then it's time to get down to business: check the brake pads, chain, and tires. Are the brake pads worn? Is the chain rusty? What about the tires? Replace anything that's not top-notch – then you'll be free to go in spring and can jump right back on your bike. Whether it's an MTB or e-bike, checking the wear parts is always a good idea. Take a close look at brakes, chain, gears, and bearings

  • Check and change brake pads: If they are less than 1 mm thick, it's time for new ones.

  • Clean and oil the chain: Rusty or noisy chains need love – clean and oil them thoroughly.

  • Check and replace tires: Worn or cracked tires? Better to change them!

If you're unsure how it works, feel free to have it done by a professional. In the GHOST dealer search, you'll surely find a suitable workshop near you- that is important for both - Hardtail and Fully bikes.

Winter-Proofing Your E-Bike: The Specialties

Your e-bike has a few extras that need attention. The battery doesn't like the cold, so store it at room temperature and keep its charge at about 60%. If your e-bike is in a cold place during winter, it's better to take the battery out and store it in your apartment. This will definitely help with the longevity of your e-bike battery. Also, the electrical contacts deserve a look – clean them if needed. You can use a clean brush or a clean, dry microfiber cloth for this.

Winter Quarters for Your Bike

Ideally, your bike has a fixed place in the basement. This way, you keep it dry and safe from theft. But even if space is limited, there are solutions. If you need to store your bike in your apartment, wall mounts are a great solution to park your bike on the wall, and ceiling mounts keep it hovering above the ground. By the way, it's also a brilliant decoration for your place if a GHOST bike adorns your wall. It's important that your bike stays dry to prevent rust and, for an e-bike, that the battery is stored at room temperature.

So ... don't put off till tomorrow what you ... you know the saying. Surely you want to quickly hop on your bike on the first spring days. Whether it's gravel, e-enduro, or hardtail. No one wants to waste time cleaning bikes and changing wear parts at the start of the bike season. So winter-proof your bike now, clean it properly, and then give it a little break before it hits the trails and roads again. Remember: Regular maintenance is the key to a long and happy bike life!

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