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Ascetics are weird people: They fast, take vows, and virtuously deprive themselves of what the rest of the world considers fun.
Our ASKET is different: Even though the visual appearance is modest, inconspicuous and minimalist, it was built on a great vision: To bestow great enlightenment on its rider. 

In times of sensory overload and abundance, you are well advised to focus on the essentials. Following the example set by ascetics, we concentrate on ourselves, on our flaws and weaknesses caused by modern full-suspension bikes and their extremely forgiving range of spring. You will only improve and evolve, if you are hard on yourself.

Ascetics famously like to rest on beds of nails from time to time. The ASKET is the exact opposite: The flat steering angle provides confidence, the short rear guarantees a playful riding style, and the steep seating angle makes sure that the uphill feels like an ascension to heaven. Set up with a dropper seat post and 1by-drive train, the ASKET becomes a true temptation – one that even the most strong-willed riders won't be able to resist.

We call this type of bike "HardTrail" – a bike with no suspension at the rear, but with a sophisticated geometry which guarantees unconditional driving pleasure. Until now, such a special setup was only found in more expensive bikes made by niche manufacturers. Thanks to the superior value for money ratio, the ASKET will find itself right next to enduro and downhill bikes in many basements or garages.

It is geared towards riders looking for a second bike – maybe for a quick spin after work in moderate terrain, as an indestructible companion for the muddy seasons of the year, or as a welcome challenge to improve on their technical skill set. At the same time, entry-level riders will be just as pleased with the ASKET hardtail bike: Thanks to its low price, it is an excellent mentor for all who want to approach unexplored terrain for the first time.

After a stressful day, you come home and all you want is to clear your head on a quick spin. But it could be a while until you finally get out there. Are the shock settings correct? What equipment do I need to bring? Is it even worth getting the bike all dirty?

The ASKET makes all decisions for you. With this mountain bike, you don't really have to ask yourself if the settings are right for the occasion. Because they simply just are! For any weather and for any trail! Don't think, just go! The ASKET hardtail lets you finally focus on what really matters.  

No more excuses. Stop whining, RIDE!  



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