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Our Lanes bikes are as diverse as the world's roads. We have the right racing bikes for all those who like to cruise for hours over the asphalt: fast, well-designed bikes with balanced geometry and consistently high-quality features. For long-distance riders, nippy sprinters and those seeking only the rush of pleasure. With the SQUARE Urban line we also have the perfect city bike to take you to work in style. Take a look into the future and outside the box. However, beyond the city limits - and even off the beaten track - our cross and trekking models may be more up your street. Designed for short, fast workouts in the urban woodland, as well as for leisurely multi-day tours, they are fitted with equipment that makes them all-inclusive packages.


Bikes for repeat offenders: The last thing mileage junkies want is a racing machine that forces them into a gruelling race attitude. They want a bike that makes it fun to cover ground quickly - every day anew. This requires a balanced geometry, clever equipment and consistently high-quality features. We’ve built this type of road bike for endurance on asphalt. Racing bikes that are guaranteed to make you want to pedal for hours and days at a time.


Touring is all about one thing: Freedom. You bundle everything together, take only the essentials, pedal off and leave everyday life and excess at home. This feeling was the inspiration for our SQUARE line. This has resulted in wonderfully carefree, well-designed bikes for long trips from the mountain to the sea. Visually they are so elegantly minimalist that you can’t even imagine every-thing that our purist has to offer.


Do you love the vibe in your city? The concentrated diversity, the constant movement, but also the hidden havens of peace and quiet. You don’t feel, discover and experience all of that in the subway or in traffic jams. A bike is the best way of getting to know a city! It takes you quickly through heavy traffic to discover every nook and cranny. You cut down on time, money and pollution. We have given a lot of thought to the subject of urban mobility. We’re not interested in dodgy catwalk bikes. Nor in supposedly robust sports bikes. We don’t want to build fragile or cumbersome bikes but min-imalist aesthetes that are tailored to urban life down to the very last detail. That is what our SQUARE Urban Bikes are all about! Extremely clean and ultra clever minimalists that make no outward show of the sophisticated technology inside.


There are moments when you slow down by speeding up. For example, when you climb onto our cross bikes and glide on fast  28-inch cross tyres out of the city and into nature. Head for the cycle path or the forest road and you’ll have shifted down a gear and switched off in no time. Our Cross models are carefree, sporty bikes with many well-designed features, a balanced geometry and comfortable solutions - offering sensational value for money.

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