Purist urban bike with clever details.

GHOST SQUARE URBAN | easy-going urban bike

Urban understatement redefined. Conspicuously inconspicuously thought-out.

If our SQUARE URBAN bike were a person, this is how you would probably describe him: A reliable, uncomplicated guy. One who has a solution for everything and always remains confident. One who knows what he wants and who doesn't care what mainstream is chasing. And because we put reliability above everything, we are especially proud to offer all SQUARE URBAN bikes with a Gates belt drive and the most reliable gear shifting solutions on the market.


Seamlessly integrated side bag carrier

Hub gears for maximum durability

Clean cable routing with easy access

all models with Gates belt drive
SQUARE design
integrated pannier bag carrier



Wheelsize 28 inch

Aluminum or carbon: self-developed.

Our own forks are the icing on the cake! We created optimum solutions particularly for our clean SQUARE bikes and our lightning fast LECTOR X. 

Integrated cable routing

Clean in both senses.

Even mudguards you can can tinker with: Through our extremely stiff mudguard design we can do without additional stanchions. This not only saves weight, but also ensures a minimalist look.

Stylish, strong and sound.

Don’t be fooled by the stylish exterior of our urban luggage rack: The structure fits perfectly into the minimalist overall picture, yet is exceptionally sturdy. Panniers can also be fitted to the sides

Invisibly routed, yet easily accessible.

Invisibly routed, yet still easily accessible: The cables disappear invisibly in the unique shape of our downtube of the SQUARE. If needed, easy access is guaranteed.

Designed with truly refreshing storage in mind.

There's plenty of space for refreshments. Bikes featuring this symbol provide plenty of space for a bottle. 

Best braking power, with exceptional control.

Whether in town or on terrain: The hydraulic disc brakes guarantee a safe and fast grip even in wet conditions, are easy to control and are not vulnerable in terms of dirt or performance loss.

Belt drive

Reliable in every condition.

No grease, no dirt, less wear and well protected pant legs. What more do you need for your commute to the office? 

Prepared like second to none.

In case you need a safe stand at some point: These bikes are ready for the retrofit. 

An unobtrusive shining example.

Minimalist design, maximum functionality: The cables of our high-quality lamps disappear completely and are well protected in the mudguard. 


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