When the two bike freaks Uwe Kalliwoda and Klaus Möhwald founded Ghost-Bikes in 1993, no-one could have imagined that the company would turn from a local garage into an international corporation. But one thing has remained the same: our passion for bikes and the ultimate in perfection. We are particularly proud of our many technologies and features.

“Every technology and development has a purpose: it has to suit the bike and the discipline to result in a perfect overall concept.”

Volker Ackermann, Research & Development Engineer

Riot Shape

RIOT link

Composit bushing

Disconnect brake mount

LECTOR fork system

Integrated cable routing

Post mount


29" compatible

27,5+ compatible

Smart app



Ultralightweight Carbon

With our Ultralightweight Carbon, we rely on fibres that are attributed to hardtail construction.

The frames made of Ultralight Carbon have been World Cup-tested several times: Robust and ultra-light, it brings professional racers precisely to their goal.

Wheelsize 12 inch

Wheelsize 16 inch

Wheelsize 20 inch

Wheelsize 24 inch

Wheelsize 26 inch

Wheelsize 27.5 inch

Wheelsize 27.5 + inch

Wheelsize 28 inch

Wheelsize 29 inch

Wheelsizes 16, 12 inch

Wheelsizes 24, 20 inch

Wheelsizes 29, 27.5, 26 inch

The best on every trail.

Proven for years - this reliable rear suspension works according to a progressive principle in which the braking forces do not affect the suspension function. This guarantees maximum pedalling efficiency and traction - uphill and downhill.

Complex calculations for uncomplicated solutions.

Our optimized FEM frames have been improved with complex calculations down to the last detail. The resulting, seemingly simple solutions are much more complex than they appear. 

Uncomplicated and reliable.

Less maintenance, higher reliability, unbeatable performance and easy setup. For those who want to save time, effort and fork pump,  a steel spring damper is just up their alley.

Less parts, less hassle.

Forget about the second shifter, the rear derailleur and the cables there; with the 1by drivetrain you don't need any of those things. No more chain slapping either. And your chain jumping off the gear is so yesterday. 

Drop it when the trail gets hot.

Remote-controlled seatpost: a great help when the trail gets steeper or when you want to get on or off easier. 

Lower for more freedom.

Our frames are already prepared for dropper seat posts: The cables can be routed inside the tubes for a clean look and better protection. For all those who are already thinking about tomorrow today.

Forged solution.

The connection between the chainstay and bottom bracket is a very crucial point on the bike. With our elaborate forged solution we achieve a very high degree of stiffness and strength.

The perfect fit.

Our forged dropouts are manufactured to a high quality, obtaining particularly high stiffness values, and are perfectly integrated into our frame design.  

Charging on the go.

We integrate the energy source into the bike: On the handlebars you can charge your devices on the go via the USB interface. It is powered via the hub dynamo, with the cable running cleanly through the fork.

Details that are worthwhile.

The highest standard for all! With the long-life ball bearings our mountain bikes are well protected against all influences, whether dirt, shear forces or wear.

Ready for World Cup racing.

You are the lone crucial factor here: UCI-conforming bikes are ready to compete in the biggest races. Are you? 

A proven motor with respectable power.

This electric drive guarantees excellent quality, performance and durability in a compact design. The rechargeable battery pack is easily removable, and the streamlined design of the synoptic display is extremely user-friendly and guarantees correct functioning.

Aluminum or carbon: self-developed.

Our own forks are the icing on the cake! We created optimum solutions particularly for our clean SQUARE bikes and our lightning fast LECTOR X. 

Best braking power, with exceptional control.

Whether in town or on terrain: The hydraulic disc brakes guarantee a safe and fast grip even in wet conditions, are easy to control and are not vulnerable in terms of dirt or performance loss.

International standard for integrated protection.

The International Standard Chain Guide is a standardized 3-point mount chain guide installed directly on the bottom bracket shell.  When mounting chain guides the bottom bracket no longer needs to be installed or removed.

More power, more fun.

Bonus alert! Bikes with bigger batteries provide a bigger range, more trail mileage and more fun!

Unobtrusive and slim.

We have integrated the battery aesthetically in the down tube of the pedelec. This makes for a clean, streamlined appearance.

The inconspicuous high-flyer.

Shimano's' Steps 8000 motor stands out thanks to its excellent performance, broad power transmission and quietly running motor. Its unobtrusive look makes it almost inconspicuous in the frame.

A competitive spirit.

We know what is needed on the track. First, because our team riders constantly provide us with a lot of feedback. Second, our development team itself is made up of former (and still partly active) riders. That's how we deliver a race-ready product: ready for the track right out of the box.

Designed with truly refreshing storage in mind.

There's plenty of space for refreshments. Bikes featuring this symbol provide plenty of space for a bottle. 

Prepared like second to none.

In case you need a safe stand at some point: These bikes are ready for the retrofit. 

Stay clean!

Anyone who wants to keep mud and water splashes at bay can easily retrofit their bike with mudguards.

One-piece design for maximized stiffness.

Our one-piece rocker comes with an extra bonus: more stiffness leads to decreased transverse forces on the bolts and the entire rear

Perfectly shaped for high performance.

The hydroforming process achieves ultimate rigidity and optimal power flow for each frame segment. This gives us freedom for creative tube design.

Progressive geometry

More control, more fun.

The trails are becoming more demanding - and the riders as well: That's why we developed modern geometries that are able to meet any demand.

Hidden treasure on long rides.

Invisible plus: The flexstays of the seat and chainstays enable the rear triangle to move upward directionally: a huge plus in comfort.

Vario fork

One suspension fork, two options.

Low front for the climb, and the entire travel for the downhill. The suspension forks with two different positions considerably change the bike's personality.

Keeping it clean with super protection.

Better protection and a cleaner look: The main advantages of internal cables and routing. This has been a standard In the road bike sector for quite some time alrady and  is now established with mountain bikes as well. 

Invisibly routed, yet easily accessible.

Invisibly routed, yet still easily accessible: The cables disappear invisibly in the unique shape of our downtube of the SQUARE. If needed, easy access is guaranteed.

More control on the trails.

A standard that is a "must" in high-quality bikes. The thru-axle allows for an even stiffer rear triangle and guarantees improved force transmission and distribution. 

Protect your bike!

Standard on almost all full-suspensions and carbon hardtails - our frame protection. Protection guarantees the best rides! 

Wider is better.

Boost means wider hubs. A small adjustment for a great improvement: wider hubs result in higher stability on big wheelset diameters.

Neatly hidden.

Artfully integrated and looking like a million bucks without spending a lot on materials: the new bikes with full-integration.


The answer for best performance.

MXer sounds like  Motocross? Correct! A big, slim front wheel and a small, wide rear wheel guarantee great directional stability, low rolling resistance, maximum traction and power transmission at the rear.

Short eMTB crank

More pedaling, less struggling.

Shorter cranks mean not only more ground clearance, but also improved motor use: They automatically result in a higher cadence and make the motor work in an improved power zone.  

Well protected drive.

The compact hub transmission is not only tucked away to make it invisible, but is also properly shielded against dirt and thus much less sensitive or susceptible to wear.

Clean in both senses.

Even mudguards you can can tinker with: Through our extremely stiff mudguard design we can do without additional stanchions. This not only saves weight, but also ensures a minimalist look.

Stylish, strong and sound.

Don’t be fooled by the stylish exterior of our urban luggage rack: The structure fits perfectly into the minimalist overall picture, yet is exceptionally sturdy. Panniers can also be fitted to the sides

Clean in both senses.

Even mudguards you can can tinker with: Through our extremely stiff mudguard design we can do without additional stanchions. This not only saves weight, but also ensures a minimalist look.

An unobtrusive shining example.

Minimalist design, maximum functionality: The cables of our high-quality lamps disappear completely and are well protected in the mudguard. 

An unobtrusive shining example.

Minimalist design, maximum functionality: The cables of our high-quality lamps disappear completely and are well protected in the mudguard. 

Belt drive

Reliable in every condition.

No grease, no dirt, less wear and well protected pant legs. What more do you need for your commute to the office? 

Mountain bike trickery for the urban jungle.

Our DNA from the mountain bike sector certainly is no disadvantage on urban trails either: optimum control and comfortable ergonomics always feel good. 

Storage space for adventure.

Our AMR bag system is designed for all those who are hungry for adventure. With the frame, saddle and handlebar bag, additional outdoor equipment can be transported and  all these bags can also be attached to a backpack.

3 bolt mount

Make your bike a real workhorse.

For packing artists and globetrotters: You can attach pretty much anything to these mounts. 

Perfectly sealed shifting artist from Germany.

With the highly innovative Pinion circuit we have installed a transmission circuit in the bottom bracket that is as yet unrivalled. Virtually maintenance-free and protected from the elements and thanks to the wide bandwidth,  you can not only switch while standing, but also don’t have to make any compromises.



The durable cover not only protects the downtube, but also the brake and shift cables underneath. The protector can be removed or mounted without any tools. This means tool-less access to all cables making for easy cable exchanges. 


The bike can be easily switched to an electronic gear shift system.


Inspired by the functionality of a leaf spring, the rear triangle of the LECTOR was completely redesigned in order to minimize vibrations at the rear of the frame. The result: improved traction at high speeds and more comfort for the rider.


In order to give the chain and seat stays the room they need to fully minimize vibrations, we decided on a flat brake mount. Compact appearance and the solution for space constraints.


We at GHOST are introducing a new era of bicycle design and saying good-bye to traditional development methods. Starting immediately, we utilize a specially developed algorithm to holistically calculate our so-called “from-rider-to-bike-geometries”. This algorithm is called SuperFit


German Engineering meets Portuguese manufacturing 4.0: the premium-quality frame is manufactured in one of the most advanced bicycle frame production factories worldwide which is located in Portugal. A prime example of intra-European cooperation.


The Austrian manufacturer Eightpins is revolutionizing the dropper seat post. Depending on the frame size, each SuperFit bike comes with a different seat post travel. Thus, every rider can enjoy the full extent of travel. In combination with a straight seat tube, the seat angle remains identical for every rider. This guarantees that every rider can fully enjoy and benefit from the SuperFit experience regardless of what frame size he or she needs.


The width of SuperFit saddles is adjustable which enables the perfect fit for any individual body shape and sit bone width.


Thanks to their eccentric shape, the grips guarantee variable backsweep options. Special adjustment aids facilitate the brake lever adjustment in order to prevent pain and numbness.


For frame sizes S-XL, there always fit two RIVKLE bottle holders on the bike.

Internal cable routing

Lightweight Carbon

Our holistic carbon approach offers us the possibility to design bikes with performance in mind.

The fibres of our lightweight carbon are flexible in their design and intended use. This allows us to achieve not only low weight, but above all extreme speed and precise handling.

The robustness of Lightweight Carbon ensures long-lasting riding pleasure at a high level.


The Austrian manufacturer Eightpins is revolutionizing the dropper seat post. Depending on the frame size, each SuperFit bike comes with a different seat post travel. Thus, every rider can enjoy the full extent of travel. In combination with a straight seat tube, the seat angle remains identical for every rider. This guarantees that every rider can fully enjoy and benefit from the SuperFit experience regardless of what frame size he or she needs.


With the extremely light but robust Smarttube tools, the most important tools you need when biking can be easily stored in the handlebars. The minitool includes four hexagons bits and a Torx 25. The Smarttube chain tool has a tubeless repair function, tubeless plugs and a magnetic mount for a chain lock.

The Smarttube tools come with our Pro and World Cup models.



One derailleur hanger for all. To make it easier for everyone, we need more standards. SRAM now uses the „Universal derailleur hanger“, which not only reduces the number of spare parts, but also protects your rear derailleur from damage by folding backwards at impact.



TractionLink ensures that your bike never loses traction, no matter how rough and wild the terrain becomes. The kinematics of our new RIOT is characterized by an especially well-balanced relation between pedaling efficiency and rear triangle performance. The travel is optimally used, impacts are confidently absorbed and brake stuttering is a thing of the past.

GHOST TractionLink Hinterbausystem


The one-piece bell crank provides more counter support for lateral stress. This minimizes stress on the bearings and the entire rear triangle.



EASY, SIMPLE AND STIFF // A one-piece rear triangle construction made of solid connections offers high stiffness.


The lightweight e-drive from Fazua offers a convenient 2-in-1 solution. The FAZUA Motor RIDE 60 has the motor and battery permanently installed. Even above the legal maximum speed in e-mode, a natural riding experience can be experienced without unnatural resistance. Just the right thing for sporty, ambitious riders.

fazua antrieb ghost bikes


Cable guides need a firm fit and want to be hidden. They are perfectly stowed away under the cable cover on the down tube. With the help of the snap lock on the cover, the cables can be exposed without tools in no time at all for quick service.




In-tube batteries can be easily removed from the frame for storage or charging anywhere. Even longer tours are no problem, a second battery can be quickly inserted.

Front/rear suspension travel: 140/100

Single Speed

Singlespeed bikes or fixies are bikes with only one gear, regardless of whether they are ridden with a freewheel or rigid gear.

130 mm suspension travel

Not quite as long as an enduro and not quite as stubborn as a cross-country bike. A good middle ground with which you can have one or two fun moments.

Thoughtful suspension travel for fast uphills and perfect jumps.

GEN4 Motor

The Performance CX Gen4 - The fourth generation of the BOSCH e-bike drive.

Yamaha drive unit


The right motor for every application: Drive units from Bosch eBike Systems give you a unique riding experience.

Yamaha Motor

The Japanese manufacturer of e-bike drives Yamaha has been involved in the development of electric bicycle motors in Asia since the 1990s and thus laid a major foundation stone for the development of electric mobility and pedelecs.

Pepis PTN Revolution Insert

  • Light weight 
  • Tire damping 
  • Rim protection 
  • Less rolling resistance 
  • High steering precision


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