Where our bikes come from

Behind every bike lies an elaborate development process. We often fine-tune the tiniest details for months until everything is how we want it. The development lays the foundation in the design, functionality and the extensive features. This is also where solutions are created for all aspects of our product range, e.g. the disconnected brake mount and the platform idea.

“We have a really unique R&D team here at GHOST. Every one of us is a passionate biker - and we cover a wide range of disciplines, so we’re always up to date with the latest trends, but also know what it takes to bike and how  things work on our local trail.”

Volker Ackermann, Research & Development Engineer

Where our ideas come from

Our developers are experienced engineers. But what is almost more important is that they are passionate bikers. Many of them race in events from the Cross Race to the 4X and Enduro World Series. We know what’s needed on the trails of this world and what really works. Every development starts with an idea, inspiration or vision. It takes shape in an initial sketch and is elaborated on with the help of 3D visualisations and simulations on the computer. The first prototypes are then put through their paces on our test benches.

This is the only way that we can guarantee durability and safety of our products. And finally, perhaps the most important step in the process: the prototypes leave the laboratory and are put through their paces by our team riders under real conditions. Our engineers incorporate this practical experience directly into the development process so that we end up with bikes that everyone - from the people who made them to the people who ride them - is proud of.


Not everything can be assessed on the screen. Sometimes you need to make ideas tangible and make it possible to experience them in order to test them. Naturally, thanks to rapid prototyping, there are endless opportunities to create initial small-scale model. But as we are practically oriented people, we prefer prototypes we can ride. Only then can we directly feel what works and which details need to be improved. As soon as these prototypes are cleared they are subject to intensive testing by our team riders and experienced bikers so that we can incorporate their feedback before series production. Depending on the type of chassis there are also tests with suspension providers and chassis specialists in order to find the optimum setup.

A prototype in action: In 2016 we tested our camouflaged LECTOR in numerous World Cup races before beginning series production.

Behind every bike is not just a developer and engineer, but a character. This is reflected in all our bikes - from relaxed backcountry bikes to aggressive all-mountain bikes to uncompromising hardtrails. We don’t build the usual boring bikes; we build machines for people who value quality and great riding.


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