Electric bikes open up new horizons for you, whether you're on your commute to work or on an extended bike tour. They are simply fun, giving you an immense boost of motivation because, suddenly, it's like pedaling by magic... Our SQUARE line electric city and hybrid bikes are the all-inclusive bikes for everyday use: mudguards, kickstands, lights and luggage racks are already on board, preparing you for every occasion. Bosch and Yamaha deliver reliable and powerful drive units, so that you can easily meander through traffic jams or go on a tour through the vineyards.



The electric bike for the daily ride: your commute to work, to the city, to friends, to the coffee shop - your e-bike accompanies you everywhere. No surprise, because our electric urban bikes are perfectly designed for the city and offer you everything you need for everyday use, from a heavy-duty luggage rack to an integrated kickstand. And the best thing about it: Thanks to the powerful e-drive, cycling is more fun than ever before, without requiring your full muscle power. So you can always reach your destination relaxed - and athletic at the same time.


Are you a recreational cyclist looking for an e-bike that performs just as well on dirt roads and long distances as it does in the city and on your daily commute? Then the electric hybrid bike is the right choice for you. In this bike, our technologies and our experience from the mountain bike sector merge with the visual demands and useful gadgets of urban bikes. The result is a true all-rounder that accompanies you everywhere and supports you with its power.


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