When choosing the right eMtb, the range of use plays a major role. Do you prefer relaxed tours or do you step on the gas in the downhill and take every opportunity to hit it hard? Our electric mountain bikes can be divided into tour, trail and enduro models and are perfectly adapted to the respective area of use:


A touring e-mtb is a real all-rounder and accompanies you not only on long rides, but also in the city or on field and forest paths. Our touring e-bikes are all hardtails, with a stylish, fully integrated high-capacity battery and are available with 29 or 27.5 inch wheels respectively.


And … Action! Trail e-mtbs are the powerful, playful all-rounder bikes that take you uphill with thrust and show off their advantages downhill. With a plush full suspension travel of 150 mm at the front and 140 mm at the rear, obstacles, jumps and high speeds are no problem.


An All Mountain eBike is the perfect choice for those who don't want to compromise. With the All Mountain eBikes you enjoy the versatility of a mountain bike and unlock its full potential. Climbing uphill is nearly effortless due to the motor support. 


Hardly any e-mtb has as much to offer as an enduro. No wonder, after all, enduro bikes are made for demanding trails and steep descents. An enduro e-bike scores with a lot of suspension travel at the front and rear and plenty of power in the drive. This makes for an easy ride to the trail head and you can let it rip downhill.

We put the same passion and energy into the development of our electric mountain bikes as we do with our mountain bikes. With great attention to detail, we build eMtbs that are bold and independent, but thought-through from end to end. Just like our regular bikes, our e-mountain bikes also feature our specially developed technologies such as SuperFit or TractionLink. Drives and batteries are tailored to the respective area of use, and the equipment leaves nothing to be desired.

When it comes to the drives of our e-mountain bikes, we have paid special attention to high-quality and powerful components. That's exactly why we are working with two partners, Bosch and Yamaha, whose batteries, motors, chargers and displays stand for quality, innovation and experience.

Playful on the trail, or with great endurance on long-distance rides - no matter where your e-mountain bike takes you, our bikes are perfected for different areas of use. As with the non-motorized mountain bikes, you have the choice between hardtail and full-suspension with the e- mtbs.

Full suspension electric mountain bikes feature suspension at both the front and the rear. This lets them easily iron out bumps on the trail and provides more comfort and safety on the descent. E-full-suspensions are fun in terrain and let you experience new horizons with their powerful drive.

Hardtail electric mountain bikes are only suspended at the front and are therefore particularly suitable for long distances and moderate terrain, i.e. easy trails. The hardtail versions score points for their weight, agility and price. They are strong climbers and are particularly convincing in touring.


At GHOST we build the right bikes for your adventure: they are bold and independent, but above all, they are bikes that work and are fully thought out and developed to the last detail. Our engineers tinker intensively with technologies and innovations, so that you can freely enjoy comfort, control and efficiency on your bike on every ride.


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