• Electric mountain full suspension bikes with 160 mm travel front and rear

  • MXer combo wheels (29" front, 27.5" rear)

  • Motor: Bosch

  • Areas of use: single trails, demanding terrain, jumps

  • Our model: HYBRIDE ASX 160

Enduro electric mountain bikes are tough and really show what they're made of on demanding trails. With their 160 mm fork, they turn obstacles like jumps, steep descents and large bumps into mere challenges. And when you land again after the jump, the shock and rear catch you safely.

But full riding fun isn’t only about the downhill. On the way to the trail head, you can climb even the roughest ascents with ease, because the powerful e-bike motor from our high-quality partner Bosch supports you while cranking. Reaching the top that quickly and relaxed has its advantages: you can dedicate your endurance, strength and concentration fully to the descent.

E-Riot EN Pro

The E-RIOT EN Pro: For demanding uphill and downhill tours. Our SuperFit technology provides a trail-specific seating position with which you can pedal uphill efficiently. The suspension travel with 170 mm at the front and 160 mm in the rear takes you safely through the terrain. And to keep you grounded despite our high-flyer status, we opted for our TractionLink technology in this line. This gives you permanent grip even in the most demanding situations.

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Our HYBRIDE ASX 160 is virtually the motocross bike among bicycles: its large 29 inch front wheel ensures confident directional stability, while the smaller 27.5 inch rear wheel gives you excellent maneuverability. The suspension travel with 160 mm front and rear takes you safely through the boulder section.

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