•  Models with a sturdy aluminum frame 

  • Areas of use: travel bike, bike-packing, commuting, training bike

  • Our models: ASKET, ROAD RAGE

The best Gravel bikes are versatile and reduced to the essentials.
With the gravel bike you feel at home on the road, in the city, on dirt and gravel roads, but also on smaller trails.

Gravel bikes can now be seen on bikepacking tours all over the world.


For athletes and commuters 

Everything you need. But never too much. Our Asket gravel bikes take a minimalist design approach and focus on what is really important: stability, off-road capabilities and plenty of forward motion on just about any surface. These cyclocross bikes are available as both super fast race models and EQ versions with all the features for everyday use, commuting and bikepacking. 

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Best of road bike and mountain bike

  • Stiff, fast and highly efficient road bike with off-road genes
  • Wide tires
  • Hydraulic disc brakes 
  • Bikepacking-ready
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Gravel bikes usually have no suspension and their handlebars are more reminiscent of road bikes. Nevertheless, thanks to the balanced geometry, the clever equipment and the high-quality details, you are safe and comfortable on different terrains.
The best Gravel Bikes manage the balancing act between road bike and mountain bike. Especially the numerous mounting options for luggage and water bottles make it interesting for bikepackers. You can find more gravel adventures here.



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