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Guido’s crazy travels – Chocolate’s long way

What do GHOST athlete Guido Kunze and chocolate have in common?


Easy. Guido simply turns chocolate’s long way into an extreme experience. The multiple World Record holder and extreme sports athlete Guido Kunze will bring 50 kg of cocoa beans from Ecuador through Columbia to Europe – and do all that on a GHOST Roket.

On his 10,000 km long journey, Guido would like to get one single message across: everyone benefits from sustainability!Guido will be accompanied by a camera crew which will be by his side all the way through South America, sailing across the Atlantic and then on his last stretch from Lisbon back to Erfurt.Guido will set off on his long journey mid March.


We will follow Guido along from Germany and will give regular updates during his trip 

If you are interested in this story and you would like to know all about chocolate’s long way, you can follow Guido’s adventure here.