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Date of birth: 8th March 2003

Nationality: German

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 53 kg

Hobbies: Cycling, nature, cooking, family/friends, listening to music

Instagram: @finja.mtb

In the beginnings of Finja Lipp

It wasn’t long after she learned to walk that she was already sitting on a bicycle: at the tender age of two. From the very start, the little push-cars and ride-along toys were always too slow and boring for her. So she tried skateboards, scooters, unicycles, inline skates and everything the neighbour’s boys were playing with. Sports are a huge part of Finja’s life. Beyond mountain biking she also loves going skiing, swimming, riding horses, bouldering and jogging.

The whole family was enthusiastic about cycling all along. At seven years of age, Finja joined the local mountain biking club. Her idol at the time was Sabine Spitz, a member of the club and a famous cyclist. Finja participated in her first race in Switzerland when she was eight years old with a 24” bike from GHOST – she had signed up secretly for the event. She was hooked from day one and won the entire race series in Switzerland that year.

From the shy girl to the World Cup

In the early days she had no interest in being in the spotlight. After her first victory she said, “No, not up in front there, everyone will see me”, but she doesn’t find the awards ceremonies too bad anymore ;-)

In terms of technical skills, she made the most progress following her big brother’s lines. He is an important role model in her sporting life, shares her love of mountain biking, gives her advice, motivates her, helps her with repairs and is even allowed to provide critique.

Finja’s first taste of international racing was the Youth European Championships. With the infectious atmosphere and athletes from all over Europe she was so fired up that one thing was immediately clear: “I want to race in the World Cup.” The experience also reinforced the fact that she was able to keep the pace on an international level.

Finja has finished her high school leaving certification and is focused on just one thing now: having fun and completely going for it. She loves watching her teammates race and cheers them on until her voice goes hoarse.

She has no problem being the “newbie” in the GHOST Team. Her success thus far has given her plenty of confidence so she quickly felt comfortable in the new squad.

“But my teammates make it really easy for me. I love it when they support me and cheer me on in races.” 2022 will be a big year for Finja. She has a lot planned and knows exactly where she’s headed. And of course GHOST is delighted to welcome such a strong young woman to the team!

2019: German Youth Champion

2020: podium at the Junior World Cup for the German National Team

2021: 4th place in XCO and 3rd place (bronze) at the European Championships in Serbia as part of the XCE relay team

2022: At the moment she’s gathering experience in the U23 category and learning as much as she can from the pro riders in the team.

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