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Birthday: 16.02.2009

Nationality: German

Weight: 49kg

Height: 160cm

Hobbies: MTB & alpine skiing & cross-country skiing

Instagram:  @emilymehltretter_mtb_ski



Emily has been very enthusiastic about sports from an early age and is usually unstoppable. At the age of two she already stood on her first alpine skis and enjoyed it. Then she got her first running bike in the summer and competed with her dad. At the age of 4 she got her first mountain bike and by chance she joined her cycling club "SC-Todtnauberg-Mikes Bikestation" in 2015. To this day, she has always remained true to it with heart and soul and had a lot of fun at regional races.

"Coming from the deep Black Forest, where you are offered such a variety of sports, such as cross-country skiing , mountain biking or alpine skiing, I never got bored and always had something new to try out. I am very grateful that my parents made all this possible for me. But then at some point the time came when they said, "You have to decide - ski slope or single trail?"

However, I have found the most fun in cycling, as I am good at both technical and endurance and in addition I always have that certain amount of ambition to reach or even exceed my expectation.

It is a great honour for me to pursue my current passion - mountain biking - in the U15 races with my full energy in the GHOST jersey and thus be a part of the GHOST family. I was very happy to be welcomed so warmly by everyone."

When asked what Emily hopes to get out of the GJT, she gave a very simple but determined answer: "I would love to get some technical tips and tricks from the pros and to be able to copy some training methods from them when it comes to endurance training and ultimately gain a lot of new experience."

~ I am proud to be a #ghostgirl and look forward to the coming season.

2021 Ba-W Champion

2022 NWS overall ranking: 7th place

2022 Junior European Championships: 14th place


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